20th Century 
Record Labels

Irish showbands and beat-groups recorded on a variety of record labels. Some were Irish-owned, others were subsidiaries of international labels. Here, between myself and my friend T.P. (thanks!), we have an online collection of labels, catalogue numbers, etc. Click on any label name.
Arrow Ember Jump Philips Scoff
Ara Emerald Juverna Phoenix Spotlight/208
Auric EMI Piccadilly Solo
Banshee Envoy King Plough Spex
Beltona Plámás Spider
Bunch Fixed Wheel Linden Play Stop
Bandbox Flame Lunar Power Sulán
Blackbird Fable Laverne Polydor Song
Columbia Fiona PRT Sidestep
Crashed Gasworks Messiah Pye Strong
CRC Gael Linn M&M Parlophone Tempo
Cúchulainn GTO Major Target
CMR Globe Major Minor Quality THE
CBS Muscle Top Spin
Hawk Mik Release Tribune
Dara His Masters Voice Mulligan Rex Trap
Danceline Honey Mint Ritz
Decca Hit Misty ROS UED
Delysé Harmac Music Box Revolving Unicorn
Desert Hollow Mystery RCA United Artists
Denver Homespun Middle 8 Ruby Undercover
Deram Outlet Rockelly Velvet
Dolphin Inset Oriole Shaft Vocalion
Drive IRL Old Bawn Sharp Wavin
Itch One Web Shoestring Zero

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