L                     Laverne     Linden     Lunar     Libra     Lodge
Linden, a small independent label   The Laverne label was named after Gerry Cronin's daughter
Lunar Records gave an outlet to comedy acts   The first issue on Libra Records
Information on this label would be welcome    
M                 M&M   Major Minor   Misty   Music Box  Major   Mulligan   Middle 8  Muscle  Messiah
M&M was a subsidiary of the gian Decca label   Chips and Candy from Northern Ireland were with M&M
Mint Records had clever artwork with a mint as their logo, a mint green background and "CHEW" in their catalogue numbers.   Mint records later came in a blue and white design.
The third release on another small Irish label   This was probably the first release on the Misty label
This was the first single release by the Mystery label   The Dubliners and Peter Law recorded on Major Minor
Distinctive design from the Mulligan people   Having been with Release, Gimik launched their own label, Mik
Later Chessmen releases were on the Major label   This track was later released on the Dolphin label
The first issue on the 'macho' Muscle Records label!   Information on this label would be welcome
            Outlet     Oriole     Old Bawn     One Web     Ogham
Outlet, a label based in Belfast   The Freshmen's second single was on the Oriole label
Old Bawn is an area of Tallaght, Co. Dublin   Uninspiring  artwork on the first release on One Web Records
Ogham featured folk and ballad singers and groups    

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