A            Ara     Arrow    Auric
The Indians (formerly The Casino Showband) recorded on their own Arrow label.   Second release on the Allied Recording Artistes label
Ex-Horslips Johnny Fean and Eamonn Carr formed Zen Alligators and Auric Records    
B          Banshee     Beltona     Bunch     Bandbox     Blackbird
Excellent graphics on this '70s independent label   First release on the Bunch label with Grinella artwork
Ceili bands and traditional singers were on the Beltona label   Bandbox Records were based in Galway.
Folk and ballads label linked to Ogham Records    
C                CBS     Columbia     Crashed     CRC     Cúchulainn     CMR
Some of The Freshmen's later releases were on CBS.   The Champions and Limerick group Reform also recorded on CBS. This later label design is from  1985.
This small label had at least 58 releases. Pity they couldn't spell (Jesse)!   The Kings Showband (Naas) and the earlier Cadets singles were on Columbia.
An early release on the Cúchulainn label which catered mostly for ballad groups   The Civil Resistance Committee had their own record label
The midlands-based CMR label used a log-cabin in their graphics   A change to red in 1982 but the log-cabin remains

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