S        Scoff    Shaft    Sharp    Shamrock    Shoestring    Spider    Spotlight  208   Stop   Sidestep   Sulán   Song
The Hi-Lows recorded on the Sharp label   The re-issue of The Philosophers' "Back At The Lodge" was on the Shaft label.
The Conquerors' version of the Lennon / McCartney song "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" is on the Spider label.   A rare record from the small Shoestring label
The Memories moved from Release to the Stop label.   The first ever showband E.P. was on the Shamrock label
A change to black/silver in the early '60s . .   . . and to black/yellow in the '70s
The Memories launched their own label called SPEX no doubt inspired by Jim Barry's glasses   Solo, another '70s independent label
Scoff Records were based in Eustace Street, Dublin   This may have been the only release on the Spotlight/208 label
A clever name for Stepaside's record-label - Sidestep!   The first release on the Song label
Sulán was a Cork-based label   Rob Strong's independent label

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