T           Target      Top Spin      Tribune      The     Trap
Target, a subsidiary of Pye, had acts such as Derrick & The Sounds, The Real McCoy and Gene & The Gents on its books.   Noel Pearson's Tribune label released records by Seán Fagan, Danny Doyle and Jim McCann among others.
"Holiday Girl" by The Newmen on the Tribune label ranks as one of the best showband recordings ever.   Tony Loughman's Top Spin label was associated mainly with country music acts.
A change of design for Top Spin in 1976.   Another colour change in 1980.
Tommy Hayden started THE Records in 1974   The first release on the Trap label
Information on this label would be welcome    
U                 United Artists     UED     Unicorn     Undercover
After The Miami Showband (see Pye), Dickie Rock signed with United Artists.   With a name like Unicorn, this label could have had a striking design
A rare private pressing on the Ulster Electronic Development label   Information on this label would be welcome

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