What we need:

Original handout band photos or high-resolution scans of same.

Vintage press-cuttings or scans of same.

Names of band-members (linked with instruments they played if possible.

Names of band-managers.

Names of bands the members previously or subsequently played with.

What you can do:

Send an introductory email to the address above.

If you are comfortable with attachments, attach your photo or cutting in .jpg or .png format. At least 1,600 pixels on the longer side please.

If the image files are very big, send them to us via wetransfer.com

Write a letter and post it to:

          Attention: Francis K.,
          The Croft Studio,
          County Galway,

What we will do:

Providing your submission meets our requirements (Irish bands between 1957 and 1972), we will add it to an existing page or create a new page if the band is not already featured.

We will add your name as a valued contributor to our archive (if that is your wish)

N.B: With most band photos from that era, copyright is difficult to determine. In the case of handout photos, the original photographer holds copyright, not the printer, not the band or not the person who has collected the handout. In the case of a press cutting, copyright is owned by the newspaper from which it came. Here at IrishShowbands.Net, we always do our best to credit the copyright owner. There is no intention on our part to breach copyright laws so if you see a photo or a cutting on our site to which you hold copyright, please let us know and we will either credit you as copyright owner or remove it immediately from the site, whichever is your wish.

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