Tom Kelly

A strange thing happened with this band. They began as The Pasadena Showband, led by Ballina musician, Tom Kelly. Then they became The Tom Kelly Sound. In Edenderry, there was a band named The Agents who changed its name to The Fairways. Here's where the story gets complicated!

Larry Cunningham left The Mighty Avons, needed a new band and hired most of The Fairways as his new backing band which he named The Blue Boys. This left Fairways singer Gary Street without a job so he accepted a job with The Tom Kelly Sound.

But . . . after a few months, Tom Kelly decided to call his own band 'The Fairways', seeing that the Fairways didn't exist anymore! Soon after, Sandy Dusky joined, married Tom's brother Michael, who played bass in the band, and we had Sandy Kelly & The Fairways! Joe Conway (Gary Street) was the only member of the original Fairways in the band.

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Town/Village/County: Ballina, Co. Mayo

Lead Vocals: Gary Street
Lead Guitar:
Tom Kelly
2nd Guitar:
Trumpet: Des McDonald
Tommy Murphy
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