My Heartaches Got Heartaches
Recorded by the Jack Ruane Showband
1966 - Pye 7N17045 / Wow, Wow, Wow

You went away and you broke my heart in two,
And before this heart of mine got over you
You came back and said that this time you’d be true,
But I’m worse off than before
‘Cause now you’ve gone once more

Now my heartaches got heartaches
My teardrops got tears
And my blues are getting bluer all the time;
And my heartaches got heartaches
My teardrops got tears,
And my troubles are troubled,
My problems are doubled,
Baby since you’re no longer mine.

Oh just some ordinary heartache’s bad enough,
But to have to live with two gets mighty rough,
If you stayed away I’d be much better off,
But you came back and then
You broke my heart again.

Now my heartaches got . . .
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