Morning Papers And Margarine
Recorded by Derrick & The Sounds
1969 - Target 7N17801 / Winter Of Your Love

I pass that way every day,
I see you there at the corner shop.
You look at me, but you donít see
You are too busy to even notice.

Iíd like to chat about this and that
But when I walk in the corner shop,
Thereís always a queue, oh what can I do,
Youíre always too busy selling

Morning papers and margarine
Iíve spent all of my money,
I guess Iíll buy one more magazine,
But when is it all gonna stop?
I love you but forget that corner shop.

Iíve got a house, a neat little house,
Itís full of the things from your corner shop,
Iíve got some socks, still in the box,
I just donít need them so why unwrap them?

Iíve got enough, with all of the stuff
To start off my own little corner shop,
But I delay and hope that one day,
You wonít be too busy selling

Morning papers andÖ.
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