Love And The Country (Tiernan/Hough)
Recorded by Shea Cribben & The Riviera
1967 - Target 7N17419 / The Girl Next Door

I wake in the morn’, and just after dawn,
I look through my window and see
The sun in the sky, the birds how they fly,
The country’s where I love to be.

I walk down the lane to the blackbird’s refrain,
My heart is as light as a feather,
The soft-running stream, the fish how they dream,
Love the country in all kinds of weather.

When the sun goes down and there’s no one around
I see my sweet, sweet lovin’ baby,
We’ll sit ‘neath the trees, alone in the breeze,
I’ll ask her if she would maybe

One day come with me, where we would be free
To live and to love forever,
All peaches and cream, we’ll live in a dream,
The country’s where I love to be.

Oh to be in the country,
Love to be, the country’s where I love to be.

Repeat from “When the sun goes down….”

(Originally recorded by Shea Cribben & The Riviera)

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