If I Could Choose (Michael Coffey & Wesley Burrowes)
Recorded by Seán Dunphy
1967 - Pye 7N17291 / Yellow Bandana

They envy me the hills of Clare,
The white gulls calling in the soft sea air,
So much to lose,
And yet I'd leave the hills of Clare
And live in a desert if I had you there,
What would I lose if I could choose?

If I could choose a place to walk with you, I'd choose the longest road
And it would lead us to a house that no-one knew.
Bellows by the fire and the turf smoke rising higher
Than the lark that wings and always sings of you.

If I could choose a time to talk with you, I'd choose the longest day,
And over all the hills of Clare I'd shout the news.
I would tell them that our day could last forever

(Original recording by Seán Dunphy)

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