Vintage Guitars (Fender & Gibson) used by Irish bands in the '60s
A feature of Irish '60s bands was their quality instruments. There was no shortage of Fender and Gibson guitars, Selmer saxes and Ludwig drum-kits. On these pages we share vintage photos of musicians with their instruments. If you can identify any of the musicians, please let us know. We are indebted to Guy Mackenzie, Paul Day, John Doyle, Stefano Aria, Steve Russell, Jack Marchal, Mike Robinson, Alfons Lahaye and Tommy Dunne for their very generous expertise in identifying most of the guitars. Where possible, we have credited vintage guitar websites with photos. If your website has been omitted, please let us know and it will be added

Kevin Keeley (Olly Maloney Showband) with his white Fender Jazzmaster (c.1963-'65) (thanks to Barry Hurley).   Jim Prendergast with his 1964 Gibson ES175 and Joe with his Fender Jazz bass. Both brothers joined The Victors Showband. Joe died in 2006.   Guitarist with the Pat Campbell Showband pictured with his Gibson Les Paul Standard c.1961 (SG-shape) with Gibson Deluxe sideways vibrato unit.

Ricky Keane of Olly Maloney's Showband with his Fender Mustang guitar (c. 1967) (thanks to Barry Hurley)   A Fender Jazzmaster played by Mickey Doran of The Hilton Showband.   Bob Madden of The Leaders
Jimmy Phelan of The Blue Aces (Waterford) with his Gibson ES-330 with Bigsby tremolo.   This guitarist with The Signets has a relatively rare Fender Mustang guitar. Though the Mustang bass was relatively common, the guitar was not. (thanks to Mike Niblett)   Strangers' guitarist Len Guest with his Dakota Red Fender Stratocaster (c.1962) and Vox AC 30 (c.1965) (thanks to Maxie McEvoy)

Dermot Walsh (Gibson 330), Brendan Mulhaire (Fender Stratocaster) and Eamonn Joyce (Fender Jazz bass) of The Raindrops Showband Jim Dalton with his Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster (note the coloured headstock). Bobby Kelly and Dennis Murray of The Sands with the tools of their trade, a cherry red Gibson ES-345 and a Fender Mustang bass guitar.

Christy Donnelly (Philosophers) playing his Fender Telecaster (c.1965)   Clem Quinn with a sunburst Gibson ES-330 and Dennis Murray with his trusty Fender Mustang bass.   Frank Donoghue onstage in Manchester's Carousel Club with his blonde Fender Telecaster (c.1970) with tortoiseshell pickguard (thanks to Jimmy Reilly)

Tiger Taylor played a black Fender Stratocaster with Teddy & The Tigers (thanks to Teddie Palmer)   Brendan O'Connell of The Cadets with his white Fender Stratocaster (c.1962)   Jimmy Dumpleton (Pacific Showband) with his cherry red Gibson 330 with Bigsby tremolo
Isn't it slightly ironic that the lead guitarist in The Fendermen played.....a Gibson ES-335! (thanks to Seán Reynolds)   Brendan O'Brien of The Dixies with his single-cutaway archtop Hofner Committee c.1960-62   Tommy Fitzpatrick of The Kings Showband pictured in Dublin's Olympic Ballroom playing his sunburst Gibson Gibson ES-345

Tommy Moore (The Vampires) with his Fender Telecaster. Tommy is a brother of Butch and Des Moore.   Raymond Gourley of The Sounds with his (c.1964) Fender Telecaster   Grant Currer from Glasgow who played with The Swingtime Aces with his Fender Stratocaster (c.1963) (thanks to Jimmy Reilly)   The most famous Strat of them all! Rory Gallagher with his (almost) sunburst Fender Stratocaster which once belonged to Jim Conlon of The Royal Showband.
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