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Palmer - Young (see also A-G and H-O)


Palmer, Teddie: Exiles, Spectres, College Boys, Rumble Band
Parker, Harry: Pacific
Parkes, Ricky: Dave Glover
Parkhouse, Michael: Playboys, Trend
Parks, Ronnie: College Boys 
Parrott, John: Trident 
Patterson, Barry: Candy, Sunshine, Colm & The Sundowners, Red Hurley, Dazzle Band, Earl Gill Big Band, Tony Kenny, The Crack, Geraldine Brannigan, Shorty & The Heartbeats, Marty Lundy's  Lunchtime Blow Inns.
Patterson, Jim: Clouds (Belfast)
Patton, Malcolm: Envoys
Payne, John: Tropical
Payne, Norman: Astrals, Tara, Swingtime Aces, Jim Farley
Pearse, Danny: Jim Farley, Lions
Pender, Declan: Boothouse, Sleepy Hollow
Pender, Patricia: Crackaways
Pennefather, Dave: Inmates, Kult, Clubmen, Greenbeats, Real McCoy
Pentland, Dick: Chips
Perry, Albert: Springfields
Peoples, Alan: Woodlanders 
Pepper, Ivan: Exiles, Spectres
Petrassi, Marco: Ohio, Michael O’Callaghan
Petty, Frank: Trenniers
Phelan, Frank: Berwyn
Phelan, Martin: Miami, Sands
Phillips, Carl: Mustangs
Phillips, Paddy: Tallmen
Phillips, Seán: Tallmen
Piggott, Ernie: Des Fretwell, Swingtime Aces
Plummer, Helen: Echos 
Pollard, Eamonn: Young Shadows 
Pollard, Jody: Elmer Fudd, Bananas, Skid Row
Pollard, Paul: Strange Brew
Ponsonby, Don: Denver, Rascals
Ponsonby, Eamonn: Blueglows
Ponsonby, Ted: Denver, Rascals
Popp, Johnny: Pasadena
Potter, Billy: Johnny Flynn, Ohio
Potter, Paraic: Clefonaires, Ohio
Power, Gary: Crickets, Heartbeats
Power, Jack: Derek Joys 
Power, ben: Laredo
Power, Jim: Savoy
Power, Lennie: Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Power, Michael: Royal Aces
Power, Niall: Las Vegas, Sheeba, Stepaside, Nevada, Westlife, Zerra One.  
Power, Noel: Nomads
Power, Tom: Savoy
Pownall, Audie: Sandmen, Coasters 
Prendergast, Frank: Bridesiders, Victors
Prendergast, George: Hi-Lites
Prendergast, Jim: Bridesiders, Victors
Prendergast, Joe: Bridesiders, Victors
Prentice, Jackie: Capri 
Prim, Dave: Dave Prim Band, Nashville Ramblers
Prouse, Victor: Ray Allen, Jack Barrett 
Purcell, Des: Decca
Purdy, Norman: High Seas


Quearney, John: Oscar Whifney Sound, Sun Valley Boys
Quigley, Edmund: Johnny Quigley
Quigley, Joe: Johnny Quigley
Quigley, Joe: Royal Blues
Quigley, John: Pacific, Kinda Blues, Aesop's Fables
Quigley, Johnny: Johnny Quigley
Quigley, Johnny Peel: Johnny Quigley, Coasters
Quigley, Mickey: Stardust 
Quigley, Mike: Johnny Quigley
Quigley, Pat: Movement, Macbeth, Orphanage
Quigley, Seamus: Sounds 
Quinlan, Vincent: Fire Brigade, Clouds
Quinn, Ben E: Keynotes
Quinn, Benny: Echoes, Regent
Quinn, Bill: Rhythm Aces
Quinn, Brendan: Breakaways, Signs, Cade's County, Mighty Avons, Bluebirds
Quinn, Clem: Miami
Quinn, Dave: Cade's County
Quinn, Gerry: Trenniers, Claxton, Buckaroos  
Quinn, Hugo: Clipper Carlton
Quinn, Michael: Altonaires
Quinn, Murty: Miami, Sands
Quinn, Philomena: Dawnbreakers 
Quinn, Seamus: Swinging Viscounts


Rabbitte, Patrick: Crackaways
Radley, Andy: Graduates 
Rafferty, Mick: Kingbees
Ramsey, Mike: Signets
Rankin, Joe: Fontana, Cossacks, Green Angels
Rea, Martin: Swingtime Aces
Rea, Sandro: Secrets
Recks, Aidan: Outlaws
Reddy, Liam: Creoles 
Reddy, Noel: Fiesta
Redmond, Don: Dave Moynihan
Redmond, Liam: Barons 
Redmond, Tommy: Crackaways, Countrymen
Regan, Christy: Jivenaires
Regan, Eamonn: Breakaways, Signs
Regan, Johnny: Tumbleweeds
Regan, Timmy: Clubmen, Tigermen
Regan, Pat: Echos 
Reid, Beatrice: Monaco
Reid, Eileen: Cadets
Reid, Hamilton: Trenniers
Reid, Joe: Oceans
Reid, Pat: Tropical
Reid, Roy: Skymasters 
Reidy, Jarlath: Philosophers
Reilly, Finian: Teeveetones 
Reilly, Jimmy: Swingtime Aces
Reilly, Jimmy: Paramount, Bandits
Reilly, John: Arrows 
Reilly, Martin: The Silver Pennies
Reilly, Paddy: Teeveetones 
Reilly, Rory: Fontana
Reynolds, Dessie: Mexicans, Jim Farley, Chessmen  
Reynolds, Eddie: Carousel  
Reynolds, Gerry: Hi-Lows
Reynolds, Paddy: Maurice Lynch, Casino, Pacific, Dublin Corporation, Big 8
Reynolds, Ronnie: Jimmy Dunny, Kings
Reynolds, Terry: Fairways, Blue Boys
Reynolds, Val: Black Aces
Rice, Bill: Ventures
Rice, Gerry: Dave Glover, Witnesses
Rice, Johnny: Sleepy Hollow
Richards, John: Emperors
Richards, Tony: Decca
Richardson, Barry: - Alpine 7, Bluesville, Bees Make Honey
Richardson, Barry: Crickets
Richardson, Billy: Oceans
Richardson, Noel: Boomerangs
Richardson, Pat: Rockaways
Rigley, Ken: Action
Ring, Brian: Diplomats
Robbins, Frank: Signets
Robinson, Burt: Strands 
Robinson, Percy: Rascals
Robinson, Seán: Footappers
Roche, Billy: Roach Band
Roche, Harvey: Transit, Millionaires, Donie Collins
Roche, Mick: Vampires, Arrows, Miami
Roche, Noel: Decca
Rock, Brian: Boys
Rock, Dickie: Blackbirds. Melochords, Miami, Dickie's Band
Rock, Jerry: Countrymen, Assassins
Rocks, Paddy: Springfields
Roddy, Peter: Trend  
Roe, Barry: Des-Etts 
Roe, Martin: Finnavons, Donie Collins
Rohan, Kevin: Ciaran Kelly, Brendan Shine, Rodney's Glory
Rolston, Vincent: Carnegie 
Ronan, Billy: Dave Moynihan
Rooney, Bunty: Roadrunners
Rooney, Mickey: Chancellors 
Rooney, Tommy: Donie Collins, Michael O’Callaghan
Ross, Jim: Alleykatz
Ross, John: Tophatters, Jewels
Ross, Mike: Derry City
Rossi, Brian: Golden Eagles, Wheels
Rothery, Ray: Cyclones 
Rowe, Tony: Seven Seas, Fleetwoods
Rowley, Mick: Clowns
Ruane, Jack Jnr: Jack Ruane
Ruane, Jack Snr: Jack Ruane
Ruane, Jim: Swingtime Aces 
Ruane, Shay: Spectres
Rush, Colman: Classic 
Rush, John: Tumbleweeds 
Russell, Tom: Decca
Rusty: Soul Foundation
Ryan, Bill: Hootenannys, Buckshot 
Ryan, Billy: Premier Aces 
Ryan, Brendan: Scarlet Seven, Dominoes 
Ryan, Declan: Dolly Butler, Regal, Arrivals  
Ryan, Dermot: Airchords, Wheels, Cascades, Stage 2
Ryan, Donie: Chosen Few
Ryan, Eamon: Bandits
Ryan, Eddie: Capitol
Ryan, Eric: Berwyn 
Ryan, Gerry: Alpine 7, Donie Collins, Hoedowners 
Ryan, John (Flash): Harmony Heights
Ryan, John: Circle, Granny's Intentions
Ryan, Jonathan: Rootzgroop
Ryan, Ken: Vampires
Ryan, Lindsay: Ned Spoone
Ryan, Martin: Crossroads
Ryan, Noel: Big 8, Miami 
Ryan, Tommy: Paramount, Bandits, Crystal All-Stars


St. Clair, Chris: College Boys  
St. John, Owin: Plainsmen 
St. Leger, Chris: Jack Brierley, Regal, Derek Joys, Victors
St. Leger, Ted: Footappers
Savage, Pat: Hilton
Sadler, Don: Supreme
Sanquest, Peter: Axills
Sawyer, John: Satellites
Scanlon, Seán: Powermen, Clouds, Ranchers 
Scannell, Aidan: Difference, Bye-Laws, Jim Farley
Scott, Alfie: Marines
Scott, Mark: Secrets, Belfast Gypsies
Scott, Mike: Cotton Mill Boys 
Scott, Simon: Zodiacs, Dave Glover, Plattermen, Apaches
Scullion, Jimmy: Regent
Scully, Barry: Gents
Scully, Frank: Michael Foley Combo, Tropical 
Scully, John: Adelaide 
Scully, Johnny: Tweed
Scully, Ricey: Crackaways
Shanahan, John: Impact, Footappers
Shane, Cyril: Atlantis, Debonaires
Shannon, Seamus: Drifters, Brendan Shine
Sharkey, Pat: Paddy Cole Superstars
Sharpe, Matt: Avonairs 
Sharpe, Richard: Sounds 
Shaw, Eddie: Ned Spoon
Shaw, Lynne: Dave Glover
Shearer, Dom: Clipper Carlton 
Sheehan, Dennis: Diplomats
Sheehan, Eddie: Donie Collins
Sheehan, John: Dixielanders
Sheerin, Kevin: Ciaran Kelly, Hillbillies
Shelley, Pat: Oscars
Shelley: Marines, Big Valley
Shepard, Liam: Presidents
Sheridan, Pat: Firehouse
Sherlock, Brendan: Ventures
Sherlock, Jack: Crickets
Sherman, Bertie: Black Knights, Tweed
Sherry, Don: Maurice Lynch
Sherry, Frank: Barons
Shields, Bertie: Vaqueros
Shields, Brendan (Brush): Uptown Band, Skid Row, Brush
Shields, Denis: Vaqueros
Shiels, Johnny: Echoes, Big Time
Shine, Brendan: Ciaran Kelly, Brendan Shine
Shine, Colm: Brendan Shine
Shine, Sid: Saints
Shivnan, Jimmy: avoy Swing Seven
Shongo, Beau: Emperors
Short, Brendan: Vanguard Six
Short, Mike: Spotlights, Stage 2
Simonds, Clodagh: Mellow Candle
Simpson, Des: Barons 
Sinclair, Alan: Black Eagles
Skillen, Barney: Clipper Carlton, Santa Fe
Slattery, Kevin: Monaco
Slevin, Bobby: Agents
Slevin, Jimi: Peggy's Leg, Alyce, Skid Row, Crossroads
Slyman, Michael: Premier Aces
Small, John: Wild Breed, Bermuda, Tides
Smails, John: Oscar Whifney Sound
Smith, Austin: Fire Brigade, Clouds
Smith, Bobby: Royal Blues, Buckshot
Smith, Brendan: Royal Chords
Smith, Colm: Rhythm Boys 
Smith, Danny: Black Eagles
Smith, Dermot: Teeveetones 
Smith, Des: Ray Allen, Collegemen, Victors
Smith, Dominic: Clefonaires, Savoy Swing Seven
Smith, Frankie: Black Eagles
Smith, Frankie: Annalees 
Smith, Gerry: Annalees 
Smith, Gloria: Maurice Lynch, Cascades, Mississippi
Smith, Jimmy: Grafton, Paddy Cole Superstars, Bogey Boys
Smith, Jimmy: Mighty Avons
Smith, John: Exiles, Spectres 
Smith, Leo: Rhythm Boys 
Smith, Mattie: Annalees 
Smith, Michael: Hunters
Smith, Michael: Gaylords
Smith, Mike: Carousels, Circles
Smith, Mickey: Hi-Lows
Smith, Nidge: Method
Smith, Paddy: Mighty Avons
Smith, Pat: Johnny Flynn
Smith, Patrice: Stage 5 
Smith, Peter: Mighty Avons
Smith, Ray: Paul Antony
Smith, Stuart: Jim Farley, Music Box 
Smith, Teresa: Teeveetones 
Smyth, Dave: Candy Somers, Frank: Saints
Somers, Vincent: Powermen
Souter, Ronnie: Gentry
(South), April: Silver Pennies
Spain, Shay: Slick Six, Conquerors, Tumbleweeds 
Spelman, Johnny: Oriole
Spencer, Paul: Roach Band
Sproule, George: Federals
Stacey, John: Derek Joys
Stafford, Mick: Spectres, Teenbeats
Stanley, Fintan: Nashville Ramblers
Starr, Dennis: Mustangs
Starr, Johnny: International
Staunton, Aidan: Niagara
Staunton, Joe: Orphanage, Macbeth
Steele, Alex: Editors 
Sterling, Jim: Raydots
Stevens, Pádraig: Problems
Stevens, Paul: Banshees
Stewart, Alistair: Carpetbaggers
Stewart, Bobby: Laganmen
Stewart, Chris: Telstars, People, Eire Apparent
Stewart, Davy: Clouds (Belfast)
Stewart, Doug: Big Four > Stewart, Ronnie: Inmates
Stokes, Dermot: Blueshouse
Stokes, Jimmy: Altonaires
Storey, David: Exiles, Spectres
Street, Gary: Jivenaires, Fairways
Strong, Rob: Polka Dots, Plattermen, Rockets
Strothers, Sam: Raydots, Flair
Stuart, Gene: Dynamic Sounds, Mighty Avons, Homesteaders
Sullivan, Brian: Saints
Sullivan, Eddie: Royal
Sullivan, John L: Chessmen, Real McCoy
Sullivan, Liam: Greenbeats
Sullivan, Paddy: Regal
Supple, Art: Pat Irwin, Victors
Surgenor, John: Cossacks
Swan, Mike: Memories
Swann, Billy: Cossacks
Swarbrigg, Jimmy: Saints & Sinners, Times
Swarbrigg, Tommy: Drifters, Times
Sweeney, Brendan: Claxton 
Sweeney, Eddie: Trend   
Sweeney, Donal: Trend 
Sweeney, Gordon: Emperors
Sweeney, Johnny: Victors, Diplomats
Sweeney, Martin: Apaches
Sweeney, Paul: Capitol


Taggart, Liam: Sweet Neglect, Chips
Taylor, Charles: Swingtime Aces, The Works
Taylor, Roy: Nevada 
Taylor, Tiger: Banshees, Sinners, Tigers, Anno Domini, Freshmen
Teeling, Derek: Time Machine
Teeling, Norman: Big 8
Temple, Ollie: Brigadoons
Tench, Brian: Boomerangs
Thomas, Bob: Barons  dth="53" height="20">
Thomas, Finian: Omegas, Coasters, Bandits, Magic Band, Boys 'n' Girls, Fleet
Thomas, John: Barons 
Thompson, Gordon: Clouds (Belfast)
Thompson, Seá
n: Everglades
Thornton, Dave: Plattermen
Thorpe, Jeff: Deputies, Interns
Thorpe, Ronnie: Interns
Thunder, Alan: Movement, Hot Air Machine, Dreams
Tiernan, Malachy: Fab 5, Riviera
Tierney, Eamonn: Editions
Tighe, Des: Hi-Lows
Tighe, John: Hi-Lows
Tina: Mexicans, Nevada, Real McCoy
Tino, Val: Nevada
Tinsley, Tito: Wheels
Tobin, Bernard: Impact
Tobin, Danny: Avengers, Savoy
Tobin, Jim: Firehouse
Tobin, Jimmy: Michael Foley Combo 
Tobin, Oliver: Impact
Tobin, Paul: Mustangs
Todd, Samuel: Cosmos 
Tohill, Tommy: Hilton
Toland, John: Woodchoppers
Tomlinson, Paschal: Tropical
Toner, Eleanor: Hilton
Tourish, Hugh: Clipper Carlton

Townsend, Albie: Blue Eagles
Trainor, Hughie: Globetrotters
Trautt, Donie: Bandits, Fleet, Boys 'n' Girls, Philosophers
Travers, Steve: Cowboys, Mick Delahunty Jnr., Miami,  Starband, The Crack
Traynor, Dave: Jim Farley, Country Folk
Traynor, Joe: Lyttle People
Treacy, Aidan: Rhythm Stars, Brendan Shine
Treacy, Al: Rhythm Stars
Treacy, Derek: Clowns, Kaye Twins
Treacy, Gerald: Rhythm Stars
Treacy, Len: Rhythm Stars
Treacy, Liam: Rhythm Stars
Treacy, Paddy: Crackaways
Treacy, Stephen: Premier Aces, Rhythm Stars
Treacy, Sylvester: Rhythm Stars, Brendan Shine
Treacy, Tony: Hi-Lows
Trent, Penny: Grafton, Millionaires,  Skyrockets 
Trotter, John: Derry City, Tahiti, Plattermen
Trowbridge, Wilson: Satellites
Truesdale, Frank: Spectres 
Tubbert, Alan: Others
Tubbert, Ken: Others
Tully, Paddy: Hunters
Turbett, Gene: Melody Aces
Turbett, Shay: Ventures
Turner, Pearse: Arrows 
Turner, Phil: Sam Mahood & Soul Foundation
Twomey, Brian: Sugarshack
Tynan, Rose: Nevada
Tyrrell, Brian: Flint
Tyrrell, Jim: Red 7, Columbia
Tyrrell, Joe: Miami
Tyrrell, Mick: Red 7, Columbia
Tyrrell, Pat: Red 7, Columbia
Tyson, Billy: Clefonaires 



Uprichard, Jimmy: Majestic  
Usher, Davy: Duane Family 


Valance, Ricky: Chessmen
Vance, Harry: Rhythm Aces
Verdon, Liam: Stylos
Vince, Prince (McEnhill): Jimmy Dunny, Kings


Walker, Charlie: Dave Glover
Walker, Davy: Stellas, Flair
Walker, Reg: Love Street, Ned Spoone, Others
Walker, Paul: Clouds (Belfast)
Wall, Johnny: Kerry Blues
Wallace, Carol: New Blues
Wallace, Eugene: Macbeth
Wallace, John: Federals, Paladin
Walpole, Frank: Kevin Woods 
Walsh, Ben: Blue Eagles
Walsh, Billy: Rascals
Walsh, Davy: Avengers, Decca
Walsh, Dermot: Raindrops 
Walsh, Gerry: Mighty Avons, Homesteaders
Walsh, Gerry: Voxenaires, Cowboys
Walsh, James: Rockaways
Walsh, John Noel: Rockaways
Walsh, Kevin: Magic Band
Walsh, Maurice: Bye-Laws, Purple Pussycat, Drifters, Galaxy 
Walsh, Mike: Royal Aces
Walsh, Ollie: Royal Chords
Walsh, Pat: Rascals
Walsh, Pat: Herdsmen, Champions
Walsh, P.J: Agents 
Walsh, Rob: Magazine
Walsh, Robbie: Honey Sweet, Adolf J. Rag
Walsh, Tomás: Rockaways
Walsh, Tommy: Bandits, Millionaires, Graduates, Real McCoy
Walsh, Tommy: Young Shadows 
Walsh, Willie: Collegemen, Odeon, Nevada 
Walsh, Marty: Crystal All-Stars, Bandits, Gary Green
Walsh, Mossey: Herdsmen, Champions
Ward, Billy: Harmony Heights
Ward, Con: Magic Band
Ward, Dermot: Philosophers
Ward, Noel: Arabians
Ward, Seán: Chimes  <
Ward, Sonny: Premier Aces, Swallows 
Warren, Kevin: Farmers' Sons
Watters, Jimmy: Viceroys 
Watson, Peter: Skyrockets, Gents
Weadick, Joe: Red 7, Columbia
Weadick, Timmy: Columbia. Ranchers 
Wearen, Kevin: Brigadoons  
Weinmann, Phil: Carousel 
Wells, Houston: Premier Aces, Trident
Wells, Michael: Woodlanders 
Westby, Alan: Spectres
Whelan, Bertie: Oscars
Whelan, Brian: Cyclones 
Whelan, Dick: Blue Eagles
Whelan, Pat: Others
Whelan, Paula: Royal Safari
Whitcomb, Ian: Bluesville 
White, Bernard: Elmer Fudd, Times
White, Dermot: Madisons
White, Eddie: Breakaways
Whitelaw, Derry: Indians, Sahara, Apaches
Whitley, Harry: Oceans, Brunswick
Whitmore, Maurice: Word 
Whyte, Dave: Gloria & Mississippi, Stage 2, Brush, Don Baker Band
Wilde, Johnny: Des Furlong
Wiley, Jimmy: Jimmy Wiley
Wilkinson, Collette: Gentry
Wilkinson, Colm: Action, Witnesses
Williams, David: Mellow Candle
Williams, Dick: Stratatones
Williams, Paul: Caravelles, Greenbeats 
Williams, Peter: Inmates, Kult
Williams, Rodney: Rockhouse
Williams, Tom: Majorca, Slick Six
Williamson, Billy: Mad Lads, Prophets, Silhouettes
Williamson, Joe: Jackpots
Willis, Seamus: Countrymen, Assassins
Wilmoth, Franz: Legionaires
Wilson, Andy: Dave Glover, Witnesses
Wilson, Bill: Crypt
Wilson, Des: Flamingoes, Vanguard Six, Cotton Mill Boys, Big Country, Grassroots  
Wilson, John: Sounds, Cheese, Taste, Skid Row, Stud
Wilson, John: Rhythm Aces
Wilson, Ken: Bananas
Wilson, Mick: Hi-Lites
Winters, Brian: Bluebirds
Winters, Chuck: Michael O'Callaghan
Wolfe, George: Des Fretwell
Woodfull, Brian: Casino, Indians
Woodfull, Dermot: Olympix, Intruders, Sound of Music, Sugarshack, Jim Farley, Green County, Dublin Corporation
Woodfull, John: Casino, Indians
Wolohan, Colin: Blue Notes 
Woods, Barry: Clubsound, Real McCoy, Newmen, Miami
Woods, Sammy: Luvin' Kind
Woods, Shane: Kevin Woods 
Woods, Tony: Rhythm Boys, Express, Jim Farley, Caroline
Woods, Pat: Majestic
Wright, Alan: Woodlanders  
Wright, Tom: Woodchoppers
Wrigley, Ken: Earl Gill, Hoedowners
Wrixon, Eric: Them, People, Trixons
Wylie, Norman: Clouds (Downpatrick)
Wynberry, Butch: Fleetwoods
Wynne, Brian: Imperial Imps, Jim Farley, Hawaii Five-O
Wynne, Deirdre: Hoedowners
Wynne, Emmet: Dublin, Airchords, Wheels, Brendan Shine


Yeates, Peter: Nitty Gritty Band, Love Street
Young, Dusty: Kings, Walter Lewis, Jimmy Johnston, Dave Glover 
Young, Michael: Altonaires
Young, Seán: Altonaires
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