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Hackett - Owens (see also A-G and P-Z)


Hackett, Joe: Hi-Lows
Hagan, Tommy: Gaylords
Halferty, Jimmy: Green Angels, Swingtime Aces 
Halferty, Tommy: Woodchoppers
Hall, Davy: Jangle Dangle
Hall, Thelma: High Seas
Halliday, Jackie:  Clouds (Belfast)
Hallisey, Dave: Voxenaires, Cowboys, Tweed
Halliwell, Nicko: Interns, Cheese
Halloran, Joe: Frielmen, Virginians
Halpin, Aiden: Dublin Showband
Halpin, Austin: Pacific, Dublin Corporation
Halpin, Pat: Niagara
Halpin, Willie: Chessmen, Uncle Ham
Hamilton, Billy: Strands 
Hamilton, George: Strands 
Hamilton, Gus: Swing Earls
Hamilton, Harry: Dave Glover, Witnesses, Johnny Quigley
Hamilton, Maurice: Enabarts 
Hamilton, Seán (Kingsize): Polka Dots  
Hamill, Pat: Hoot'nannys
Hand, George: Graduates 
Hanley, Liam: Barons 
Hanly, Gordon: Regal  
Hanna, Fred: Laganmen 
Hannon, Frankie: Johnny Flynn
Hanrahan, Paddy: Sahara, Oklahoma
Hanrahan, Pat: Black Aces
Hanratty, Joe: Alleykatz, Newmen
Haran, Cha: Granny's Intentions
Haran, Seán: Clefonaires
Haran, Rab: Stratatones
Hardy, Harry: Blue Clavons
Hardy, Jerry: Blue Clavons
Hardy, John: Blue Clavons, Crickets
Harkin, Brian: Annalees, Mighty Avons
Harkin, Liam: Playboys, Swingtime Aces 
Harper, Colm: Memories
Harper, Dave: The Few
Harper, Frank: Avonairs 
Harper, Kevin: Avonairs
Harrigan, Joe: Hi-Lites
Harrington, Mick: Crickets
Harrington, Tommy: Crickets
Harris, Bree: Boulder Band, Alias B. Band
Harris, Brian: Creatures, News, Gentry, Cotton Mill Boys
Harris, Don: Peggy's Leg
Harris, Tony: Fendermen, Miami, Madrid
Harrison, Billy: Them
Harron, Ally: Driftwood
Harte, Jimmy: Miami, Arrans, Johnny Flynn
Hasson, George: Trixons
Hastings, Bobby: Trixons
Hastings, Frank: Royal Chords
Hasty, Alan: Top 7, Hawaii Five-O 
Haugh, Patsy: Riviera
Haussmann, Benno: Regal, Arrivals
Haverty, Paschal: Chessmen, Clouds, Billy Brown Band, Smokeys
Hawthorn, Robbie: Stardust  
Hayden, Amy: Hoedowners
Hayden, Brendan: Walter Lewis
Hayden, Bunty: Mexicans, Nevada 
Hayden, Jim: Blue Eagles
Hayden, Peter: Nevada 
Hayden, Tommy: Jets, Nevada 
Hayes, Dick: Decca
Hayes, Gerry: Melochords, Cadets
Hayes, Kevin: Defenders
Hayes, Matt: Royal Aces
Hayes, Peter: Safari
Hayes, Tom: Safari
Hazlett, Billy: Woodlanders 
Healy, John: Savoy Swing Seven
Healy, Ken: Caravelles
Healy, Mike: Madisons, Philsophers, Royal
Healy, Michael: Pasadena
Healy, Willie: Clubmen, Tigermen 
Heaney, Audie: Maurice Lynch
Hearne, Gene: Atlantic
Heary, Dennis: Vienna, Sun Valley Boys
Heaton, Fran: Angel
Heelan, Joe: Intentions
Heenan, Chris: Memories
Heffernan, Liam: Altonaires
Hellawell, Nicko: Interns
Henchel, Horst: Odeon
Henderson, Alan: Them
Hendrick, Barry: Golden Eagles, Regal 
Hendrick, Bobby: Golden Eagles, Regal 
Hennessey, Paddy: Savoy
Hennessey, Seán: Oscars
Henriques, Basil: Virginians, Hawaii Five-O
Henry, Maurice: Billy McFarland, Freshmen
Henry, Dermot: Virginians
Heraty, Dermot: Monarchs
Herbert, Charlie: Blue Diamonds, Poets, Heartbeats, Arrows, Dickie's Band
Herlihy, Donal: Bermuda, Tides
Hernon, Michael: Teenbeats
Herron, Billy: High Seas, Red Admirals
Herterich, George: Galway Blazers
Hetherington, George: Marines  
Hever, Pat: Jivenaires
Hickey, Des: Magazine, Airchords, Wheels, Cascades, Stage 2 
Hickey, Nicky: Yukon
Hickland, Dermot: Raydots, Dukes
Hickland, Harry: Grenadiers, Laganmen
Hickland, Tom: California Brakemen
Higgins, Francie: Problems, Swingtime Aces, Raindrops, Big Time
Higgins, Gerry: Creoles, Chimes, Deep Set
Higgins, Jimmy: Paramount, International, Millionaires, Raindrops, Big Time
Higgins, John: Rockaways, Time Machine
Higgins, Paddy: Raindrops, Big Time, Country Folk, Virginians
Higgins, Shay: Swingtime Aces 
Higgins, Tommy: Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Hill, Jim: High Seas
Hines, John: Monaco
Hiney, Vincent: Crackaways
Hoare, Billy: Barrow Boys
Hockedy, Johnny: Empire, Granny's Intentions
Hockedy, Harry: Trident 
Hodge, Una: Footappers
Hogan, Billy: Bridesiders
Hogan, Brendan: Conquerors 
Hogan, Fergus: Nomads
Hogan, Frank: Monarchs
Hogan, Frank: Swingtime Aces 
Hogan, Jimmy: Blue Clavons, Capitol, Spotlights, Tartans
Holgate, Pat: Young Shadows 
Holland, Sean: Black Aces
Holleran, Seán: Time Machine
Hollywood, Billy: Alleykatz
Holohan, Paul: Bye-Laws, Gypsies
Hopkins, Billy: Madisons, Airchords, Wanderin' Stars, Royal
Hopkins, Dermot: Pasadena
Hopkins, Des: Des Dixon, Ohio, Kings, Victors, Just Four
Horan, Jimmy: Drifters, Times 
Horan, Joe: Blue Notes 
Hornibrook, Tony: Herdsmen, Champions
Houston, Stephen: Fruupp
Howard, Eddie: International
Hoye, Pat: Jivenaires, Mystics, Swingtime Aces, Drifters 
Huddleston, Brian: Marvettes
Hudson, Jim: Kingbees, Debonaires, Dreams, Freedom
Hudson, Tom: Buckshot
Hughes, Anthony: Ventures
Hughes, Brenda: Springfields
Hughes, Colm: Ventures, Paddy Cole Superstars
Hughes, Francie: Jim Farley
Hughes, Hugo: Claxton 
Hughes, Jim: Arabs
Hughes, John: Ned Spoon
Hughes, John: Grafton, Hilton
Hughes, Liam: Scarlet Seven
Hughes, Pat: Silver Pennies
Hughes, Tony: Arrans, Lions, Cotton Mill Boys
Hughes, Willie: Ned Spoone
Hull, Fred: Banshees, Sinners
Hunt, Abban: Classic 
Hunt, Seán: Clefonaires
Hurley, Barry: Rio, Olly Maloney, Crusaders
Hurley, Des: Mexicans, Mulcahy M., Transit 
Hurley, Donal: Ned Spoone
Hurley, Liam: Airchords, Nevada 
Hurley, Pat: Rio
Hurley, Red: Colours, Wheels, Nevada 
Huston, Roy: College Boys 
Hutchison, Wendy: Arrows, Groundhogs
Hutchinson, Brendan: Navak
Hutchinson, Seán: Dawnbreakers 
Hutchinson, Shay: Melody Aces 
Hutton, Edmund: Strands 
Hyland, Alan: Chosen Few
Hyland, John: Problems
Hynes, Tommy: Swingtime Aces 


Impey, Betty: Des-Etts 
Irvine, Robin: Chips, Bananas
Irwin, Kevin: Gamblers, Polka Dots, American Express
Irwin, Niall: Des-Etts, Bob Ormsby, Earl Gill
Irwin, Ray: Just Five



Jack, Cecil: Enabarts 
Jackson, Jolyon: Supply, Demand & Curve
Jacques, John: Seven Seas
Jamison, Paula: Oceans
Jennings, Ricky: Waves
Tracy: Grassroots
Johnson, Bob: Pat Burke 7 
Johnston, Billy: Oceans
Johnston, Davy: Clouds (Belfast)
Johnston, Ivan: Oceans
Johnston, Jackie: Jack Barrett 
Johnston, Martin: Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Johnston, Stanley: Stellas, Seekers
Jones, Alan: Dukes
Jones, Billy: Des Furlong 
Jones, George: Clubsound
Jones, Lacy: Hot Air Machine 
Jones, Trevor: Anno Domini
Jones, Wadsworth: Swingtime Aces
Jordan, Briege: Hilton
Jordan, Earl: Derek Joys, Caroline
Jordan Helen: Big 8 
Jordan, Paddy: Royal Chords
Jordan Ray: Barristers 
Jordan, Stephen: Royal Chords
Jorman, Barry: Bats
Joy, Derek: Derek Joys
Joyce, Billy: Liberation
Joyce, Eamon: Raindrops, Big Time 
Joyce, Joe: Time Machine
Judge, Naoise: Playboys, Swingtime Aces, Country Style, Riviera


Kane, Christy: Imperial Imps
Kane, Gary: Ravens 
Kane, Kevin: Vards, Arrivals  
Kane, Roy: Silhouettes
Katz, Dill: Fendermen, Madrid
Kavanagh, Christy: Some People
Kavanagh, Cyril: Falcons
Kavanagh, Dave: Countrymen
Kavanagh, Mike: Monarchs
Kavanagh, Noel: Imperial Imps
Kavanagh, Paud: Crackaways
Kavanagh, Paul: Vampires
Kavanagh, Ron: Loudest Whisper
Kaye, George: Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Kaye, Gerry: Kaye Twins, Farmers Sons 
Kaye, Hedley: Huds
Kaye, Paul: Kaye Twins, Farmers Sons 
Kealey, P.J: Walter Lewis
Kealy, Alo: Word 
Kealy, Billy: Echos 
Kealy, Tony: Tropical
Keane, Eamon: Casino, Indians
Keane, Kevin: Problems
Keane, Michael: Memphis, Jim Farley, Johnny McEvoy, Big 8
Keane, Michael: Rhythm Stars
Keane, Michael: Conquerors, Country Folk, Jamboree 
Keane, Mick: Paramount
Keane, Ricky: Olly Maloney
Keaney, Michael: Overlanders  
Kearney, Barry: Swinging Viscounts
Kearney, Dave: Movement, Smokey Mountain Ramblers
Kearney, Ollie: Black Aces
Kearney, Val: Jackpots, Nevada 
Kearns, Bobby: Tropical 
Kearns, Malachy: Red Admirals, Green Angels, Gents, Sounds
Kearns, Pat: Oscars
Kearns, Tony: Jim Farley, Madrid, Caroline
Keating, Dick: Earl Gill   
Keating, John: Carousel 
Keating, Paul: Ohio
Keelan, Patrick: Boston
Keeley, Kevin: Pete Browne, Olly Maloney, Bandits
Keeling, Tony: Graduates 
Keighley, Peter: Saints
Kelley (Eileen): Nevada, Klass
Kelligan, Paddy: Watchtower
Kelly, Alex: Des-Etts 
Kelly, Billy: Swingtime Aces, Johnny Flynn
Kelly, Billy: American Pie
Kelly, Bobby: Hootenannys, Chosen Few, Greenbeats, Sands, Stepaside
Kelly, Brendan: Blackbirds
Kelly, Danny: Johnny Flynn
Kelly, Declan: Supreme
Kelly, Des: Capitol
Kelly, Eamonn: Sandmen, Coasters  
Kelly (Kelley), Eileen: Nevada, Klass, Big 8 
Kelly, Gerry: Lions
Kelly, Jim: Walter Lewis
Kelly, Jimmy: Jack Brierley 
Kelly, Owen: Playboys

Kelly, Pierce: Iron Horse, Freak Show
Kelly, Tom: Pasadena, New Fairways
Kennedy, Billy: Stylos
Kennedy, Declan: Philosophers, Abbaesque
Kennedy, Derek: Swingtime Aces 
Kennedy, Gerry: Maurice Lynch
Kennedy, Jess: Crackaways
Kennedy, Ken: Partners, Travellers
Kennedy, Larry: Firehouse
Kennedy, Michael: Young Stars, Glen Country 
Kennedy, Michael: Jivenaires, Firehouse 
Kennedy, Ollie: Fairways, Blue Boys
Kennedy, P.J: Firehouse
Kennedy, Ronnie: Lions, Hoot'nannys 
Kennerney, Kevin: Tomorrow's People, Music Box, Shannon
Kenny, Derek: Tomorrow's People
Kenny, Harry: Gazette
Kenny, Jim: Echoes
Kenny, Larry: Echos, Red 7 
Kenny, Mickey: Crackaways, Assassins
Kenny, Sean: Jivenaires, Mystics, Times 
Kenny, Tony, Vampires, Mexicans, Arrans, Sands
Kent, Gerry: Fendermen, Madrid, Memphis
Kent, Seamus: Seven Seas
Keogh, Jimmy: Mustangs
Keogh, John: Caravelles, Greenbeats, Full Circle
Keogh, Mick: Jackpots
Keogh, Paul: Monaco, Difference, Pacific 
Keown, Ricky: Transit
Kerr, Des: Breakaways 
Kerr, Nicola: Chips
Kerr, Roy: Laganmen
Kerwick, Fran: Apaches
Kettyles, Cecil: Skyrockets
Keyes, Freddie: Clouds (Belfast)
Keys, Thomas F: Signets
Kiely, Des: Cromwell
Kiely, Henry: Donie Collins
Kiely, John: Safari
Kiely, Michael: Cromwell, Establishment
Killeen, Tony: Mexicans
Kimmons, Hughie: Hilton
Kindillon, Benny: Clubmen  
King, Adele (Twink): Maxi, Dick & Twink, Big 8
King, Bobby: Jim Farley
King, Cranston: Michael O’Callaghan
King, John: Bandits
King, Paddy: Everglades, Travellers
King, Tom E: Raydots, Dukes
Kingston, Noel: Swingtime Aces 
Kinsella, Mick: Teenbeats
Kinsella, Seanie: Airchords
Kinsella, Tommy: Orange Machine, Blue, Cotton Mill Boys, Buckshot   
Kirby, Chris: Bigtimers 
Kirby, Tony: Tumbleweeds 
Kirwan, Nicky: Martells, Arrivals
Kitteringham, Eric: Axills, Taste
Knight, Dawn: Casuals
Knowles, Sonny: Earl Gill, Pacific, Clubmen  
Koonie, Trude: Granada Girls


Lacey, Matthew: Crowns
Laird, David: Rhythm Aces, Knoxville, Cavaliers, Marines, Characters
Laffan, Brian: Sun Valley Boys
Lafferty, Charlie: Paul Antony
Lamb, Benny: Casuals
Lambert, Jimmy: Moby Dick, Orphanage
Lamont, Tommy: Cossacks
Landy, Paddy: Graduates  
Lane, Dene: Rhythm Stars, Premier Aces, Cascades 
Lane, Mara: Johnny Quigley
Larkin, Frank: Travelling Souls, Mother's Little Helpers
Larmour, Billy: Vaqueros
Laverty, Jimmy: Red Barons Young Stars, Glen Country
Laverty, Malachy: Red Barons Young Stars, Glen Country 
Lavery, Laurence: Virginians
Lavery, Robin: Chips 
Lawless, Mike: Dinominds, Bandits, Crusaders, Shillelagh, G-Force, Borderline, Breakaways
Lawlor, John: Adelaide, Vienna 
Law(lor), Peter: Pacific
Lawlor, Patrick: Crowns
Lawlor, Shay: Tropical 
Lawlor, Willie: Echos 
Laybourne, Ivan: Newmen, Plattermen, Freshmen   
Leach, Clive: Jack Ruane
Ledingham, John: Boomerangs
Ledwidge, Jimmy: Diamonds, Odeon, Memphis  
Lee, Eamonn: Red 7, Avonairs 
Leech, Mark: Artones, Jets, Nevada  
Leggett, John: Midnighters 
Lehane, John: Impact, Fontana  
Leigh, Jim: Adelaide
Lenihan, Francie: Stylos, American Pie  
Lenihan, John: American Pie
Lennon, Jim: Black Aces  
Lennon, Tony: Ray Allen 
Lennox, Dave (Mojo): Uptown Band, Fudd  
Lennox, Dessie: Presidents  
Leonard, Jim: Annalees 
Leonard, Peadar: Clefonaires  
Leonard, Seán: Ravens
Leonard, Thomas: Annalees 
LeRoy, Pat: Mexicans
Lewis, Dave: Method  
Lewis, Walter: Walter Lewis  
Leyden, Dee: Powermen
Liddy, Jimmy: Stan Cauley
Lindsay, Noel: Woodchoppers
Lindsay, Norman: Gentry  
Lloyd, Reggie: Ray Allen, Clubmen, Paddy Cole  
Logue, Michael: Playboys
Logue, Olly: Magnificent 7, Embassy  
Logue, Terry: Clipper Carlton   
Lola (Anne-Marie Mooney): New Blues
Lombard, J.J: Tumbleweeds  
Long, Don: Donie Collins, Capitol  
Long, Maurice (Moose): Movement  
Long, Pat: Young Shadows   
Loughland, Ivan: Woodlanders
Loughman, Pat: Capitol, Pat Loughman
Loughnane, Alan: Buckshot, Johnny McEvoy 
Loughran, Mick: Crypt, Flash, Taxi
Loughran, Oliver: Arabs
Love, Dave: Capri, Champs
Lowbridge, Frank: Crackaways 
Lowry, Howard: Annalees 
Lucas, Ernie: Federals, Incas
Lucey, Sean: Dixies
Ludden, Paul: Teenbeats
Lundy, Christy: Music Box
Lundy, Tommy: Jimmy Dunny, Kings
Lunney, Lindsay: College Boys, Freshmen
Lutton, Dave: People, Éire Apparent
Lynch, Brian: Action, Caravelles, Greenbeats 
Lynch, Eddie: Crowns, Vanguard Six 
Lynch, Frankie: Maurice Lynch
Lynch, Joe: Enabarts 
Lynch, Kevin: Regal 
Lynch, Gerry: Farmers Sons
Lynch, Larry: Drags
Lynch, Lee: Blue Angels, Royal
Lynch, Maurice: Maurice Lynch
Lynch, Michael: Maurice Lynch
Lynch, Pat: Airchords, Tree Tops, Clipper Carlton
Lynch, Paul: Rhythm Stars
Lynch, Steve: Dolly Butler, Dixies
Lynch, Tony: Golden Eagles, Hoedowners, Airchords 
Lynch, Walter: Problems, Ohio, Raindrops, Big Time
Lynch, Willie: Creoles, Chimes, Deep Set
Lindsay, Roy: Carousel  
Lynn, Jimmy: Cossacks
Lynn, Stan: Silhouettes
Lynott, Philip: Black Eagles, Orphanage, Thin Lizzy
Lyons, Liam: Diplomats
Lyons, Ralph: Sounds 
Lyttle, Paul: Carpetbaggers, Chips, Lyttle People


Mac, Billy: Miami
Mack (McElheron), Eddie: Columbia
Macken, Gerry: Des Fretwell
Mackey, Gerdi (Dale Haze): Hi-Mac 5, Champions 
Mackey, Tommy: Blue Eagles
Mackin, Jimmy: Paragon 7
Madden, Arthur: Airchords, Wanderin' Stars, Royal
Madden, Bob: Kevin Bourke, Leaders, Swingtime Aces, Premier Aces
Madden, Paddy: Sleepy Hollow
Madigan, Gerry: Cotton Mill Boys 
Magee, Henry: Stellas
Magee, Jimmy: Claxton 
Magee, Robert: Oceans
Magee, Shaun: Sunshine, Chips, Sheeba, Vienna
Magennis, Aidan: Atlantis, Debonaires
Magennis, Brendan: Atlantis, Debonaires
Magill, Bertie: Mystics  
Magill, Raymond: Chord-en-Aires 
Magill, Robert: Chord-en-Aires, Regent, Coasters 
Maguire, Conor: Capri 
Maguire, Jimmy: Imperial Imps
Maguire, Noel: Teenbeats
Maguire, Noel: Echos 
Maher, Albert: Hunters
Maher, Joey: Teenbeats, Liberation
Maher, Tony: Warriors, Conquerors 
Mahon, Jimmy: Drags
Mahon, Mitch: Editions
Mahon, Sean: Freshmen
Mahon, Terry: Jim Farley, Nashville Ramblers
Mahood, Sam: Just Five, Soul Foundation
Maitland, Danny: Matadors
Maitland, Walter: Witnesses
Major, George: Gaylords
Malone, Andy: Premier Aces
Malone, Jay: Kingbees
Malone, Jim: Collegemen, Victors, Trixons, Jim Farley, Millionaires, Country Folk, Apaches 
Malone, Paddy: Premier Aces
Malone, Tommy: Memphis, Swingtime Aces
Maloney, Jarlath: Pete Browne, Olly Maloney
Maloney, Kevin: Riviera
Maloney, Olly: Johnny Flynn, Ohio, Olly Maloney
Mangan, Frank: Earl Gill, Donie Collins, Hoedowners
Mannion, Mike: Paddywagon, Magic Band
Mansfield, Keith: Elmer Fudd
Manson, Barry: Crypt, Iron Horse
Marconi, Francis: Paladin
Margo: Marvettes
Marshall, Jimmy: Music Box, BeBop Gold
Martin, Bobby: Swinging Viscounts
Martin, David: Dave Glover
Martin, David: Ray Allen, Chessmen 
Martin, Freddie: Pacific
Martin, Gerry: College Boys
Martin, Gerry:Heaertbeats
Martin, Harry: Viceroys 
Martin, Jimmy: Stellas, Seekers
Martin, Linda: Chips, Lyttle People
Martin, Mervyn: Sounds 
Martin, Shay: Sun Valley Boys
Massey, Danny: Donie Collins
Masterson, Brian: Supply, Demand & Curve
Masterson, Noel: Firehouse
Matthews, Charlie: Royal
Matthews, Paul: Purple Pussycat
Mawhinny,Victor: Oceans
Maxwell, Hugh: Chord-en-Aires 
Mayne, Linda: California Brakemen
Meade, Liam: Saints, Drifters
Medford, Ronnie: Nevada
Meehan, Brian: Monarchs 
Meehan, Tony: Palms, Music Box
Meehan, Wally: Artones, Jets, Nevada
Mehaffey, Derek: Sounds, Royal, Conquerors
Melia, Frank: Drifters, Hi-Lows
Melia, Noel: Ravens
Mello, Bill: Derry City
Mellowes, Vic: Ravens
Menge, Rudi: Arabians
Mercer, Dave: Anno Domini
Merrick, John: Swinging Viscounts
Merrick, Terry: Houndog Tate, Liberation, Others
Merrigan, Alfie: Skyrockets, Millionaires
Merrigan, Liam: Liam Ivory, Glory Band, Billy Kidd
Merrigan, Oliver: Columbia 
Middleton, Francie: Stylos, Plainsmen
Middleton, Jackie: Stratatones
Millar, Ray: Miami
Millar, Ray: Strands 
Millings, Ronnie: Them
Mills, David: Nightrunners <
Minehane, John: Regal 
Mitchell, Mark: Tophatters
Mohan, Michael: Overlanders 
Moane, Christine: Mustangs
Molloy, Jack: Signets, Woodchoppers
Molloy, Matt: Brigadoons
Molloy, Mick: Alpine 7, Bluesville, Chosen Few, Bees Make Honey
Molloy, Mitch: Teenbeats
Molloy, Tony: Coasters, Barristers
Molloy, Willie: Rhythm Aces
Monaghan, Eamon: Capitol, Spotlights
Mongan, Vinnie: Raindrops
Monk, Andrew: Stardust  
Monk, Kevin: Stardust  
Monks, Dave: Miami  
Monks, Joe: Sun Valley Boys
Montgomery, Frank (Monty): Crackaways, Frielmen, Cotton Mill Boys
Moody, Ken: Raindrops 
Mooney (Lola) Anne: Gypsies, New Blues, Big 8 
Mooney, Frank: Woodchoppers
Mooney, Morgan: Fiesta
Mooney, Myles: Airchords 
Mooney, Noel: Viceroys 
Mooney, Terry: Panpipers
Moore, Billy: Gaylords
Moore, Bobby: Jackpots, American Pie
Moore, Butch: Blue Clavons, Capitol, Kings
Moore, Des: Express  
Moore, Gary: Skid Row, Thin Lizzy
Moore, Michael: Agents 
Moore, Ray: Plattermen
Moore, Tommy: Vampires, Purple Pussycat
Moorehead, Arthur: Sunshine 
Moran, Brendan: Ned Spoon
Moran, Jimmy: Dublin Showband
Moran, Mike: Hilton
Moran, Pat: Pasadena
Moran, Rory: Oscars, Word 
Morelli, Tony: Northern Comets, Witnesses
Morgan, Cliff: Walter Lewis
Morgan, Cyril: Defenders
Morgan, Eddie: Casino 
Morgan, Gerry: Defenders 
Morgan, Ginger: Mainliners
Morgan, Ray: Defenders
Morgan, Tom: Defenders
Moriarty, John: Crowns
Morris, Mike: California Brakemen
Morris, Pat: Bye-Laws, Paddy Cole Superstars, Nightshift
Morris, Patrick: Playboys
Morris, Ronnie: Exiles, Spectres
Morris, Tommy: Grenadiers
Morris, Stephen: Bluebirds
Morrison, Sheena: Blueglows
Morrison, Bill: Chips
Morrison, Noel: Clefonaires, Savoy Swing Seven
Morrison, Van: Monarchs, Them  
Morrow, Richard: Carpetbaggers
Moynihan, Brendan: Monarchs
Mulcahy, Joe: Reform
Mulcahy, John: Others
Mulcahy, Pat: International  
Mulcahy, Ray: Dolly Butler 
Mulhaire, Brendan: Raindrops, Big Time
Mulhaire, Jack: Rhythm Stars
Mulhall, Des: Echos, Red 7, Jack Ruane 
Mulhall, Lockie: Dublin Showband
Mulholland, Barney: Red Barons, Young Stars, Glen Country
Mulholland, Brian: Paragon 7
Mulholland, Harry: Red Barons, Young Stars, Glen Country 
Mulholland, Paul: Red Barons, Young Stars, Glen Country
Mullahy, Chris: International, Casino, Indians
Mullan, Adrian: Chips
Mullan, Barney: Barristers 
Mullan, Jimmy: Alpine 7 
Mullen, Bill: Jimmy Sturrock, Senators, Dee-Jays 
Mullen, George: Witnesses
Mullins, Fintan: Astronauts 
Mulreid, Peter: Jimmy Dunny
Mulryan, Gerry: Raindrops, Fleet, Gentry, Red Hurley
Mulvey, Les: Editions
Mulvey, Scott: Dead Centre, Movement, Gentry
Munnelly, Phil: Scarlet Seven 
Munro, Mike: Hustlers, Chessmen, Dave Glover
Murphy, Alan: Dave Prim Band
Murphy, Bob: Arrows 
Murphy, Dave: Dead Centre, Purple Pussycat, Pacific
Murphy, Fintan: Royal, Dixies
Murphy, Frank: Casuals 
Murphy, Florence: Satellites
Murphy, Frank: Casuals
Murphy, Gay: Laredo
Murphy, John: Clouds, Sounds, Top League
Murphy, John: Dave Moynihan
Murphy, John: Magic Band
Murphy, Judy: Drumbeats
Murphy, Ken: Jack Barrett 
Murphy, Madge: Defenders
Murphy (Margaret): Swallows 
Murphy, Michael: Tree Tops
Murphy, Nancy: Satellites
Murphy, Pat: Cadets
Murphy, Pat: Hoot'nannys
Murphy, Patrick: Paladin
Murphy, Tommy: Dominoes, Montrose, Jack Ruane
Murphy, Tony: Immediate, Impact
Murray, Danny: Jivenaires
Murray, Dennis: Bob Ormsby, Miami, Sands
Murray, Don: Gaylords
Murray, Eric: Hot Air Machine, Dreams
Murray, Jimmy: Hunters, Virginians
Murray, Johnny: Trend  
Wee Mick: Hoot'nannys
Murray, Stafford: Blue Notes 
Murray, William: Mellow Candle


McAlea, Des: Banshees, Regal, Arrivals, Miami
McAlea, Kevin: Real McCoy
McAleese, John: Arabs
McAllen, Billy: Silhouettes, Monarchs, Them
McAllister, Barry: Mainliners
McAnally, Aonghus: Mushroom, Starband
McAneaney, Kevin: Majestic
McArdle, Seán: Paragon 7
McAteer, Paul: Supply, Demand & Curve, Keltic Wine
McAuley, Jackie: Belfast Gypsies
McAuley, John: Carpetbaggers
McAuley, Pat: Belfast Gypsies
McAuley, Rod: Bluebirds
McBride, Frankie: Polka Dots
McBride, Ivan: Trenniers, Skyrockets, Overlanders 
McBride, Tom: Mainliners
McCabe, Betty Ann: Teenbeats
McCabe, Pat: Oklahoma
McCafferty, George: Swinging Viscounts
McCafferty, Paddy: Firehouse
McCaffrey, Eugene: Dominoes, Jack Ruane
McCaffrey, Leo: Glensmen
McCaffrey, Richie: Jivenaires
McCague, Oliver: Kerry Blues
McCallion, Aidan: Polka Dots
McCallum, Aidan: Jack Ruane
McCann, Jackie: Swing Earls
McCann, Joe: Green Angels 
McCann, Patsy: Claxton, Tallmen 
McCann, Maxie: Difference, Monaco
McCann, Pat: Crickets
McCarroll, Aidan: Oedipus Rex, Kana Band, Crossroads
McCarthy, Bram: Capitol
McCarthy, Dessie: Dave Glover
McCarthy, Joe: Dixies, Stage 2
McCarthy, Len: Regal, Victors 
McCarthy, Noel: Voxenaires
McCarthy, Pat: Quartermasters, Columbia, Miami, Dreams, Freedom, Paddy Cole
McCarthy, Shay: Crickets, Trixons
McCartney, Alan: Plattermen, Clubsound, Galaxy
McCauley, Gerry: Banshees
McCauley, Pat: Belfast Gypsies
McChord, Billy: Vanguard Six
McClafferty, Rob: Tahiti
McClean, David: College Boys
McClean, Hugh: Blueglows, Knoxville, Mighty Avons
McClean, Pat: Blueglows
McCleary, Don: Cousins 
McCleary, Trevor: Jimmy Johnston 
McClelland, Noel: Deputies, Interns
McCleod, Ken: Belfast Gypsies
McClintock, Gerry: Billy McFarland
McCluskey, Derek: Maurice Lynch 
McCooey, Kevin: Travellers McCool, Joey: Woodchoppers
McCormack, Colm: Graduates 
McCormack, Dave: Monarchs, Berwyn
McCormack, Hugh: Fairways, Jack Ruane, Skyrockets, Lions 
McCormack, Marie: Viceroys 
McCormack, Mark: Dreams, Freedom 
McCormack, Noel: Crackaways, Countrymen
McCormack, Paul: Linesmen  
McCormack, Roy: Viceroys 
McCormack, Seán: Navak
McCormack, Stan: Kevin Woods, Teeveetones, Bandits
McCorry, Terry: Overlanders 
McCoubrey, Irene (Maxi): Maxi, Dick & Twink, Music Box, Sheeba
McCoy, Billy: Just Five, Lyttle People
McCoy, Brian: Secrets, Miami  
McCoy, Ed: Alleykatz
McCracken, Bill: Sounds 
McCracken, Richard: Sounds Cheese, Taste
McCrossan, Paddy: Swinging Viscounts
McCrudden, Gerry: Grenadiers
McCrumlish, John: Swing Earls
McCullough, Geordie: Newmen
McCullough, Henry: Skyrockets, Gents
McCullough, Tommy: Breakaways, Cade's County 
McCullough, Trevor: Stratatones
McCullough, Victor: Trenniers
McCusker, Bill: Navak
McCusker, John: Majestic
McCusker, Vincent: Fruupp
McCutcheon, Ricky: Federals
McDaid, Denis: Arabs 
McDaid, Joe: Envoys 
McDaid, John: Sundowners 
McDaniel, Maisie: Fendermen, Nevada, Nashville Ramblers
McDermott, Dave: Brigadoons
McDermott, David: Altonaires 
McDermott, Don: Oscar Whifney SoundMcDermott, Jim: Dave Glover
McDermott, Paddy: Skyrockets, Gents
McDermott, Patsy: Partners, Travellers
McDonagh, Jim: Martells
McDonagh, Joe: Powermen
McDonald, Frankie: Saints, Drifters
McDonald, Pat: Donie Collins
McDonald, Peadar: Ventures
McDonald, Ray: Creatures, Debonaires, News
McDonnell, Ciaran: Drifters 
McDonnell, Joe: Blue Notes 
McElhinney, Tommy: Paul Antony
McDonnell, Des: Dominoes, Green County
McDonnell, Billy: Carousel 
McDowell, Bob: Gaylords
McDowell, Kenny: Prophets, Mad Lads, Them
McElduff, Gerry: High Seas, Fontana, Green Angels, Plattermen
McElligott, Billy: Crowns
McElligott, Fergus: Farmers Sons
McElhinney, Paddy: Rhythm Boys 
McElroy, Damien: Billy McFarland, Freshmen McElwaine, Dougie: Mad Lads, Kingbees, Dreams, Freedom
McElwaine, Pauric: Ventures
McEwan, Sammy: Oceans
McFadden, Billy: Clipper Carlton 
McFadden (Gibson), George: Regal 
McFadden, Michael: Rhythm Boys, Woodchoppers 
McFarland, Billy: Students
McFarland, Jim: Blueshouse
McFerran, David: Luvin' Kind, Sunshine
McGaffin, John: Federals
McGahan, Shane: Claxton 
McGahey, Torry: Freshmen
McGandy, Brian: Skyrockets 
McGandy, Leo: Skyrockets  
McGann, Noel: Melochords, Cadets, Johnny McEvoy
McGarrigle, Aidan: Columba Gallagher
McGarry, Ian: Alpine 7, Cadets, Bluesville, Action 
McGarvey, Pat: Carnaby, Secrets
McGee, Tommy: Echoes
McGeady, Mike: Big 4 
McGeegan, Pat: Big 4, Skyrockets, Victors  
McGinty, Billy: Plattermen
McGirr, Frank: Hoot'nannys
McGivern, Jimmy: Hilton
McGivern, Jimmy: Altonaires
McGlinchey, Anne: Palladin
McGlinchey, Jim: Grenadiers
McGlynn, Arty: Polka Dots, Plattermen, Buckaroos
McGonagle, Eamonn: Paul Antony
McGonagle, Pat: Melody Aces
McGonagle, Vincent: Deputies, Interns, Sunshine
McGowan, Gary: Skyrockets
McGowan, Ian: MV4
McGowan, Kieran: MV4
McGowan, Martin: MV4
McGowan, Martin: Philosophers
McGreal, Willie: Classic 
McGreevy, Joe: Presidents
McGreevy, Paul: Presidents
McGregor, Martin: Cotton Mill Boys, Buckshot
McGrenra, John: Blueglows, Cotton Mill Boys, Farmers Sons 
McGuigan, Aidan: Big Valley McGuigan, Chuck: Barristers
McGuigan, Tom: Regent
McGuinness, Jackie: Artones, Jets, Nevada
McGuinness, Roger: Jack Barrett 
McGuire, Alan: Roach Band
McHugh, Harry: Jack Barrett 
McIlhone, P.J: Stellas, High Seas
McIlmurray, Jim: Newmen
McIlroy, Paul: Newmen
McIlwaine, Dougie: Mad Lads, Prophets, Dreams
McIntyre, Eamonn: Golden Seven, Santa Fe
McIntyre, Gay: Gay McIntyre
McIntyre, Joe: Swingtime Aces, Johnny Flynn, Smokeys 
McIntyre, Josie: Express, Jim Farley
McIntyre, Shay: Jim Farley, Express 
McKane, George: Rhythm Aces
McKee, Stan: Hoot'nannys, Ranchers
McKenna, John: Silver Pennies
McKenna, Liam: Creatures, Real McCoy
McKenna, Neil: Blackbirds, Paddy Cole
McKenna, Seán: Ventures
McKenzie, Albert: Exiles, Spectres
McKeown, Andrew: Jivenaires
McKeown, Des: Skyrockets
McKerr, Damien: Dreams, Freedom, Music Box, Shannon
McKevitt, Eamon: Linesmen  
McKevitt, Cyril: Mainliners
McKinney, Wills: College Boys
McKitterick, Billy: Raydots
McKnight, Davy: Freshmen, Clubsound
McKnight, Jackie: Secrets
McLaughlin, Danny: Derry City, Rhythm Boys 
McLaughlin, Frank: Derry City, Tahiti
McLaughlin, Peter: Esquires
McLean, Gerry: Fontana, Green Angels
McLean, Kevin: Fontana
McLeneghan, Jimmy: California Brakemen
McLeod, Ken: Belfast Gypsies
McLoughlin, Gerard: Time Machine  
McLoughlin, June: Hawaii Five-O
McLoughlin, Liam: Pat Burke 7 
McMahon, Breda: Golden Star
McMahon, Dee: Starband
McMahon, Henry: Mainliners
McMahon, Michael: Spring Fever, Imperial Imps
McMahon, Mike: Wild Breed
McMahon, Neil: Blue Aces
McMahon, Seamus: Mainliners
McManus, Dickie: Woodchoppers 
McManus, Jim: Avonairs
McManus, Mick: Cotton Mill Boys 
McManus, Paul: Stylos, Chessmen 
McMenamin, Tommy: Jokers, Johnny Quigley, Gay McIntyre, Green Angels 
McNamara, Chris: Hi-Lites
McNamara, Seán: Strangers
McNamara, Vic: Strangers, Sounds 
McNamee, Edward: Melody Aces
McNamee, Eugene: Melody Aces
McNamee, T.J: Envoys
McNeill, Butch: Maurice Lynch
McNeill, Des: Vaqueros
McNeill, Noel: Capitol
McNeill, Seamus: Big Valley
McNelis, Matt: Echoes, Palladin
McNelis, Peter Oliver: Palladin
McPartland, Patrick: Blueshouse
McPeake, Aidan: Tallmen
McPeake, Louis: Brigadoons
McQuaid, Colm: Casuals
McQuillan, Jim: Linesmen  
McRoberts, Ricky: Trixons
McSherry, Paddy: Majestic, Hilton 
McSweeney, George: Springfields
McVeigh, Ricky: Hilton 
McVicker, Mickey: Martells
McWhirter, Brian: Cossacks


Nagle, Donal: Angel
Nally, Patrick: Classic  
Nash, Jim: Swallows
Nash, Mick: Jim Farley, Virginians
Nash, Pat: Uptown Band, Granny's Intentions
Naughton, P.J: Trident 
Neary, Pat: Nevada, Victors
Neenan, Tony: Jack Brierley, Dolly Butler, Arrivals 
Neill, Gerry: Lyttle People
Nerney, Declan: Hi-Lows, Oklahoma
Neville, Owen: Golden Star
Nevin, Sammy: Taxi, Iron Horse
Newell, Alex: High Seas
Newman, Bruce: Next In Line
Newman, Tony: Virginians, Drifters
Newcombe, Eddie: Firehouse
Niblett, Mike: Clouds, Stellas, Silhouettes, High Seas, People, Big Ivan

Nicholson, Sam: Interns
Nicholls, Paddy: Teeveetones 
Nielsen, Carl: Clefonaires
Nixon, Eugene: Swing Earls, Polka Dots
Nodwell, Eleanor: Michael O’Callaghan
Nolan, Gregory: Tropical
Nolan, Kevin: Huston
Nolan, Mick: Clubmen , Jim Farley, Billy Brown Band
Nolan, Pat: Cameo
Nordt, Wolfgang: Victors
Norris, Dessie: Hy-Mac Five
Norris, Michael: Hy-Mac Five
Norris, Tommy: Grenadiers
Norton, Ken: Imperial Imps
Nugent, John: Polka Dots
Nugent, Leo: Majestic


O'Brien, Bill: Sleepy Hollow
O'Brien, Brendan: Jim Farley
O’Brien, Brendan: Dixies, Stage 2
O’Brien, Brian: Nevada, Kings, Jim Farley
O'Brien, Con: Some People
O'Brien, Dave: California Brakemen
O’Brien, Deke: -Alpine 7, Bluesville, Chosen Few, Bees Make Honey
O’Brien, Dermot: Clubmen 
O’Brien, Fergus: Graduates 
O’Brien, Frank: Premier Aces, Astrals
O'Brien, Jimmy: Purple Pussycat
O’Brien, John: Tumbleweeds, Ranchers, New Blues, Boulder Band, Bagatelle 
O’Brien, Kevin: Top 7, Hawaii Five-O
O'Brien, Michael: Golden Star
O’Brien, Michael: Millionaires 
O’Brien, Mike: Huds, Good Tymes, Real McCoy, Brown & O'Brien
O’Brien, Noel: Crackaways
O'Brien, Noel: Trenniers, Skyrockets  
O’Brien, Pat J: Magnets, Swingtime Aces, Jim Farley
O'Brien, Paudie: Blue Notes, Red 7, Avonairs 
O’Brien, Seamus: Knights
O'Brien, Willie: Vienna
O’Callaghan, Tommy: Vanguard Six
O’Carroll, Brendan: Vanguard Six
O'Connell, Andy: Ravens
O’Connell, Brendan: Melochords, Cadets, Johnny McEvoy
O’Connor, Bernie: Kerry Blues
O’Connor, Don: Reform
O’Connor, Frank: Wild Breed, Bermuda
O’Connor, Jim: Jets, Nevada Blue Clavons
O'Connor, John (Rory): Seven Seas, Derek Joys, Detroits, Dixies, Chapter 5
O'Connor, John: Music Box
O’Connor, Michael: Spotlights, Buckshot
O’Connor, Paddy: Melochords, Blackbirds, Blue Clavons, Brigadoons
O’Connor, Tommy: Kerry Blues
O’Day, Dinky: Banshees, Sinners
Odlum, Mike: Roach Band
O’Doherty, Cahir: Gentry, Dazzle Band
O'Doherty, Michael: Trend   
O'Donnell, Evelyn: Envoys
O'Donnell, Margo: Keynotes, Country Folk
O’Donnell, Tony: Powermen
O’Donnell, Vinny: Casuals, Harvest, College Boys
O’Donoghue, Shay: Atlantis, Debonaires, Dreams
O'Donohue, Pappy: Golden Star 
O'Donohue, Ray: Golden Star 
O'Dowd, Willie: Galway Blazers, Kingdom
O’Dowd, Gearóid: Swingtime Aces, Philosophers, Powermen
O’Dowd, Seán: Kevin Woods, Donie Collins, Top League, Ding-A-Ling
O’Dowda, Donal: Clubmen
O’Dowda, Tommy: Vanguard Six
O'Doherty, Patricia: Derry City
O'Driscoll, Bobby: Embers, Bojangle
O'Driscoll, Pete: Inmates
O'Duffy, Philip: Deep Set, Johnny McEvoy 
O'Faoláin, Paddy: Regent
O'Flaherty, Dessie: Hoot'nannys, Miami  
O’Flynn, Jimmy: Rio, Olly Maloney
O'Gorman, Liam: Spectres
O’Grady, Brendan: Riviera
O’Grady, Brian: Donie Collins
O’Grady, Don: Legionaires
O’Grady, Mick: Vampires
O'Grady, Michael: Nomads, Tweed
O’Hagan, Art: Clipper Carlton
O'Hagan, Bernard: Derry City
O’Hagan, Fergus: Clipper Carlton 
O’Hagan, Mike: Cromwell, Flint, Boyfriends  
O’Hanlon, Mike: Clipper Carlton, Characters
O’Hanlon, Paul: Editions
O'Hara, Dan: Overlanders, Country Flavour, Travellers
O'Hara, Frank: Dee Jays 
O'Hara, George: People
O'Hara, Mickey: Crackaways
O'Hara, Shay: Royal Blues, Premier Aces
O'Hara, Sue: Overlanders  
O'Kane, Brian: Tony Kenny Band, Daddy Cool & The Lollipops 

O’Keefe, Anthony: Derek Joys
O'Keefe, Danny: Honey Sweet, Adolf J. Rag, Gentry, Boyfriends
O'Keefe, Finbar: Saints, Central 7
O’Keefe, Pat: Nomads
O'Keefe, Pat: Adelaide, Young Shadows 
O’Keefe, Paul: Voxenaires, Cowboys
O'Kelly, Hugh: Tropical 
O'Kelly, Leo: Tropical, The Word
O’Kelly, Patricia: Hilton 
O’Leary, Brendan: Counts, Regal  
O'Leary, Dick: Uptown Band
O’Leary, Finbarr: Dixies
O'Leary, Hugh: Blueglows
O’Leary, John: Madisons
O'Leary, Marty: Blueglows
O'Leary, P.J: Dave Moynihan
O'Lochlainn, Ruan: Bees Make Honey
O’Loughlin, Brendan: Ambassador 7, Express, Ohio, Parkway
O’Loughlin, Denis: Clubmen  
O'Loughlin, Jack: Ambassador 7 
O’Mahoney, Chris: Dixies
O'Malley, Mick: Hoot'nannys
O’Meara, Michael: Blue Aces
O’Meara, Pat: Hi-Lites
O’Neill, Aidan: Plattermen
O’Neill, Arthur: Airchords, Victors, Wanderin' Stars, Just Four  
O'Neill, Brendan: Deep Joy, Rory Gallagher Band
O'Neill, Brian: Majestic
O'Neill, Buddy: Annalees 
O’Neill, Danny: Avengers, Savoy
O'Neill, Frank: Skyrockets, Overlanders 
O'Neill, Frank: Transit
O’Neill, Gerry: Gentry
O’Neill, Jimmy: Country Style
O'Neill, Jimmy: Young Shadows 
O'Neill, Jimmy: Swing Earls
O'Neill, Jimmy: Premier Aces, Swallows 
O’Neill, Joe: Silver Pennies
O’Neill, John: Magazine, Top 7
O’Neill, Leslie: Chimes, Deep Set
O’Neill, Mickey: Senators, Capitol, Big 8
O'Neill, Stephen: Gazette
O’Neill, Terry: H-Group
O’Neill, Willie: Clubmen
O’Reilly, Gilbert: Silver Pennies
O’Reilly, Ian: Earl Gill
O'Reilly, Liam: Echoes, Red Seven, Columbia, Quartermasters
O'Reilly, Mick: Mexicans
O'Reilly, Paud: Loudest Whisper
O’Reilly, Phil: Airchords
O’Reilly, Shay: Casino, Indians
Ormonde, Paddy: The Roadrunners
O'Riain, Ronan (Roco): Ravens 
O’Rourke, Margaret: Hi-Lows
O’Rourke, Tommy: Miami, Sands
Orr, Jimmy: Martells
Osborne, Dennis: Echoes, Green Angels 
O’Shaughnessy, Brendan: Cordettes, Bermuda
O’Shaughnessy, Don: Niagara
O’Shea, Jerry: Blue Aces
O’Sullivan, Don: Roadrunners
O’Sullivan, Joe: Michael O’Callaghan
O'Sullivan, Liam: Memphis, Greenbeats
O'Sullivan, Michael: Jack Hanley, Jack Ruane 
O'Reilly, Caroline: Apaches
O'Sullivan, Eamonn: Impact
O'Sullivan, John: Derek Joys
O'Sullivan, John: Fiesta
O'Sullivan, Patsy: Palladin
O'Toole, Alan: Panpipers
O’Toole, Fran: Chosen Few, Miami 
O’Toole, Joe: Flint, Dixies
O'Toole, Mick: Oriole
Owens, Anthony: Hunters
Owens, Barry: Sierra
Owens, Frank: Jim Farley, Country Style
Owens, Hank: Mexicans
Owens, Ivan: Fontana, Green Angels 
Owens, John: Hunters
Owens, Pat: Swing Earls, Polka Dots
Owens, Seán: Mexicans

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