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An excellent tribute to one of the greatest talents to come out of the showband era pity his solo recordings are not available on cd as there is the makings of a great cd there. finalvinyl, Dublin


I echo FV's comments.I wonder if enough people signed a petition or something, would it have any sway with those in power in record companies, or are they completely beyond redemption? I notice from reading the likes of Mojo and Record Collector, many reissues of minor league bands I've never heard of. Surely if some of these are worth reissuing, work by a great artist like Billy Brown should be. Some years ago whilst gigging in Johnstown Co. Kildare, I met some youngsters who were well clued into their music. When I expressed surprise at their knowledge,I was told that Billy lived locally,and he had them all "educated" in the ways of good sounds. Many thanks for the page, Francis, Dominic

      While I was more into the beat groups rather than showbands, The Freshmen were one of those bands who had a real musical crossover and the Billy Brown Room is a great idea to a great talent. Clubagogo  
      An excellent tribute to a very talented musician. I often met Billy on the road during his days with the Freshmen.I always found him down to earth and friendly. Gene Chetty, Cambridge  

Congrats and well done on creating the Billy Brown Room. It's a fascinating and very informative seomra and I'm certain that all of us will learn many fascinating and interesting musical facts about Billy and his music over the coming months. As a person who has followed the musical fortunes of Billy and the Freshmen for more years than I care to remember, I am delighted that we now have a place of pilgrimage to visit and we don't even have to leave our homes to do so. Eddie, Longford.

      I only heard The Freshmen a couple of times and I thought they were fantastic! The Billy Brown Room - - well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Give yourself a big pat on the back Frank and a Thank You from some-one who didn't (until now) know a lot about Billy Brown. He obviously was man of great talent. - Ernie (England).  

What a wonderful tribute to Billy Brown and the fantastic showband The Freshmen. They were my favourite band and I travelled to see them in various dancehalls around the country - Seapoint in Galway, Abbey in Drogheda, Dundalk, Dunlaoire and of course the big one at the time the Television Club and lots more. Its very easy to imagine/see them performing in my mind's eye as I write this message. What style, sound and presentation and I feel very privileged to have seen Billy, Derek and the lads. What lovely memories. I will keep in touch with this tribute. My brother Jimmy Fanning of the Strangers also loved the lads and at one time there was talk he might join them, not to sure if this is correct but we both loved Billy and the band. - Martin Fanning (Balbriggan)


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