The Leprechauns (Lurgan)

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From left: Brian Turner, Ron Clayton, David Turner, Edward Douglas, David Flannigan, Ronnie Greer

By Ron Clayton: In 1965, our local newspaper, The Lurgan Mail, read - "Meet a new Lurgan beat group who are hoping to follow in the footsteps of that other well-known local outfit The Demons. Formed less than one year ago The Leprechauns, as they call themselves, have met with good success around their home town."

We had a manager, Kenneth Johnston, a road Manager, Drew McCandless (deceased) and we usually played gigs at weekends.  The picture was taken in the Ballroom at Lurgan Castle where we used to practice. We did quite a number of opening sessions for the larger professional bands like the Plattermen and others. We played places like Bandbridge Ballroom, Newry, Armagh, Dromore (Ronnie Greer's home town) and many others that I just can't recall.  We also entered into a competition and came second to The Teenbeats.  First prize was a recording contract at Stella House in Dublin. Ah well, I often wonder if we had won, how our lives may have taken a much different route!

Editor's Note: Ron would love to make contact with his former band-mates so should any of them read this, please send an email and we will forward it to Ron.

Vocals: David Flannigan
Lead Guitar: Ronnie Greer
2nd Guitar: Ron Clayton
Bass: Brian Turner / David Turner
Drums: Edward Douglas
Road Manager: Drew McCandless
Manager: Kenneth Johnston

Discography: No commercial recordings

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