Danny Doyle &
Music Box

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Back, from left: John Carroll (drums), Danny Doyle -(vocals. guitar),  Jimmy Marshall (lead guitar, vocals),  Eamonn Morris (keyboards),  Christy Lundy (bass, vocals). Front: Bernie - (vocals, last name unknown, stage name Tammy). As far as I am aware, this was the last version of Music Box, formed 1975. In early 1976 Danny disbanded the group and continued doing exclusively cabaret and concert gigs, with me as his backup on keyboards. Occasionally Jimmy and John would join us for a larger cabaret venue.

Eamonn Morris

Town/Village/County: Dublin

Lead Vocals: Danny Doyle / Maxi / Tammy
Lead Guitar:
Jimmy Marshall
2nd Guitar: 
Christy Lundy
John Carroll
Eamonn Morris
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