Maxi, Dick & Twink

Okay, okay! They weren't a beat group! They did however go to Canada with The Bye-Laws and toured as Toybox. Anyway, I just needed an excuse to include the luscious Barbara Dixon who subsequently joined The Royal Showband. While in Canada, she married Peter Law, singer with Dublin Corporation (formerly The Pacific Showband) and worked as an actress. Her best-known film was an erotic thriller, 'Bedroom Eyes' as Barbara Law. I've asked Maxi and Twink to write a piece for this page but Twink didn't reply and Maxi advised me to discuss a fee with her agent, so.... there's only the beautiful Barbara left. If you see this Barbara, please send me an email, I'd like you to write a piece for this page.
Ten Years of Eurovision, Royal Showband, Big 8, Music Box

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Town/Village/County: Dublin

Vocals: Irene McCoubrey, Barbara Dixon, Adele King Manager:
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