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The aim of the Billy Brown Room is to inform and encourage people to remember one of Ireland's greatest musical talents, Billy Brown and to encourage them to listen to his music. As the site is in its infancy, we are open to your ideas and suggestions as to how best to ensure that Billy is never forgotten and to raise his profile among younger radio-presenters, journalists and music-lovers throughout the world.

This website is a work-in-progress and will be updated regularly, depending on the material available. If you have a photo or a press cutting that you would like to have included, please send a scan by email and you will be credited. The links on top of this page will take you to the various sections in the site.

N.B: The Billy Brown Room does not claim copyright to any of the images in this website. Where possible, we have credited publications and photographers. Should any uncredited photographer or publication wish to be credited, we would be happy to oblige. This website has the approval of Billy Brown's family.

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