Irish Showbands and Beat-Groups Bandwagons (2)
If you were a punter in the '60s, you will remember the bandwagon rolling into town in the afternoon of the dance in the local ballroom or marquee; if you were a band-member you will remember the bumpy, pot-holed roads, the snatched 15 minutes of sleep, the heater breaking down in the middle of Winter, the sheet of plywood separating the gear from the seats and the hierarchy of who-sat-where! Not many bands included their trusty old Morris, Bedford, Commer or Transit in their photos but here are some that I have collected over the years.

The Flamingoes from Dundalk with their Morris bandwagon.

I can't identify The Footappers' bandwagon, can you?

Is this a CIA bus? No, it's The Freshmen in their VW Minibus.

Many Northern bands needed luxury buses because of the long round-trips they oftne had to make. This is The Gaylords wagon.

This van looks quite small, it may have been for transporting the Jimmy Johnston Showband's equipment.

Perhaps someone can let us know the make of Maurice Lynch's bandwagon?

Another trusty Morris van, this one belongs to The Gay McIntyre Showband from Derry.

Ballina's Pasadena Showband travelled in a VW Minibus.

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