The Pillow That Whispers (Veale)
Recorded by Des Smyth & The Collegemen
1965 Pye 7N15867 / Lonely Street



As dawn mets the darkness a lonely night ends
I cry 'cause the hurt seems so strong now,
My arms just keep reaching where your head used to lay
On the pillow that whispers she's gone now.

Echoes run down the hall when I talk to the wall
It would be easy to lose all control now,
'Cause here next to me where my baby used to be
Is the pillow that whispers, she's gone now.

A fool is so lonely and how the tears burn
I know I must stop this hurt somehow,
I'm so tired of sleeping I've been crying all night
On the pillow that whispers she's gone now.
(Original release by Carl Smith, 1963)
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