Take A Letter Maria (Greaves)
Recorded by Roly Daniels
1970 - CBS4748 / Run Diane



Last night as I got home, about a half past ten
There was the woman I thought I knew in the arms of another man.
I kept my cool, I ain't no fool, let me tell you what happened then
I packed some clothes and I walked out and I ain't goin' back again.

So take a letter Maria, address it to my wife
Say I won't be coming home, gotta start a new life
Oh Take a letter Maria, address it to my wife
Send a copy to my lawyer, gotta start a new life.

You've been many things but most of all a good secretary to me
And it's time like this I feel, you've always been close to me
Was I wrong to work nights, to try to build a good life?
All work and no play has just cost me a wife.

So take a letter Maria....

When a man loves a woman, it's hard to understand
That she would find pleasure in the arms of another man;
I never really noticed, how sweet you are to me
It just so happens I'm free tonight, would you like to have dinner with me?

So take a letter Maria....
(Original recording by R.B. Greaves, 1969)
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