Dark Circles
(Ken Stewart)
Recorded by Gerry & The Ohio ~ Pye 7N17185 (1966)

Dark circles all around your eyes,
Because you cut me down to size.
And now you know that wasnít right
You couldnít sleep a wink last night.
You sat there crying in the blue,
Behind the locked door of your room.
But you canít lock me from your heart,
Itís time we made another start.

Dark circles all around your eyes,
Making you feel sorry for the lies you told me.
Dark circles giving me a sign,
That you really love me after all.

Love can be everything thatís nice,
And then youíre walking on thin ice.
Sometimes itís like a hurricane,
Or softer than the evening rain.
So dry your eyes and come to me,
Right by my side where you should be.
How much I care youíll never know,
Iíd fall apart if you should go.

Dark circles all around . . .

That you really love me after all.
That you really love me after all.

Original recording by Gerry & the Ohio, 1966
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