The Ballad of Amelia Earhart
Recorded by George Kaye & The Smokey Mountain Ramblers
1968 - DOS5 / Bile Them Cabbage Down


A ship out on the ocean, just a speck against the sky,
Amelia Earhart flying that sad day;
With her partner, Captain Noonan, on the second of July
Her ship fell in the ocean, far away.

About half an hour later her SOS was heard,
Her signals weak, but still her voice was brave.
In shark-infested waters her plane came down that night
In the blue Pacific Ocean far away.

There's a beautiful, beautiful field
Far away in a land that is fair.
Happy landings to you, Amelia Earhart,
Farewell, first lady of the air.

Now you have heard my story of that awful tragedy,
We prayed that she'd fly home safe again.
And in years to come, when others blaze a trail across the sea,
Well ne'er forget Amelia and her plane.

There's a beautiful, beautiful field . . .
(First published in 1939 by songwriter Red River David McEnery)
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