The Roadrunners (Lisburn)

Vocals: Joe Anderson / Harold Dalzell
Lead Guitar:
Andy Farr
2nd Guitar:
Trevor Roberts
Roy Hunter / Brian Poots
Drums: Desmond Briggs
Reggie Gardiner

The original band members where from the Lisburn area. Singer Joe Anderson still lives in Lisburn and still sings and plays guitar. Lead guitarist, Andy Farr, is an electrician and now lives in Bangor, he just plays for enjoyment now. The other guitarist in the band, Trevor Roberts still lives in Lisburn but no longer plays, Organist Reggie Gardiner lives in Australia and drummer Desmond Briggs lives in Lisburn. Sax player John Smyth was from Belfast, I have no idea what happened to him when the group disbanded. Myself, bass-player Roy Hunter also from Lisburn now lives in Newtownards and still plays in the pub scene along with his two sons.

Joe Anderson was replaced by Harold Dalzell and Roy Hunter was replaced by Brian Poots, both Lisburn men. The group took its name from the old Animals' number of the same name, and they used to open with this very song. They played in The Jazz Club, Betty Staffs, and Clarkes Dance Studio, they played a lot of dance halls in the country areas when the showbands started to fade away, however they never played in the Maritime Club for some unknown reason.

The music was mostly from the Motown and R&B scene, plus covers from Them. They played alongside The Interns, The Mad Lads, Just Five, The Alleykatz, etc. Their only claim to fame was that Rory Gallagher played with them one evening at Clarke's Dance Studio, a great evening, blues all night long. The group lasted about three years in total, from 1965 to about 1968 at which time they disbanded and all went their own ways. Some of the band members still keep in contact and still play the odd gig for pleasure.

by Roy Hunter 

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