Red House (Dublin)

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Jimmy Gaynor, started playing guitar in April 1970, a few months before Jimi Hendrix died. A year later he formed is first band Red House, in memory of Jimi, and made a big impact on the Dublin music scene, alongside Thin Lizzy, Skid Row and Horslips. Moving on he formed Angel, who played all over Ireland, recorded in England. Then after a stint with Rob Strong (The Commitments), Jimmy took Gary Moore's place in Skid Row, but getting itchy feet again, he formed The East Coast Angels who played alongside U2 in the late '70s, releasing the now rare and legendary Punk Rockin' single. Next came The Shy, who were featured on the Vinyl Verdict album, a compilation of all the best Dublin bands of the time. After this Jimmy moved to England and found immediate success appearing with Jools Holland on the TV Show The Tube, also featuring Paula Yates. The next few years were spent recording and playing in England and Spain, helping along the way to form Paddy goes to Holyhead. Towards the end of the '80s, formed The Dublin Cowboys and spent the next 10 years, playing all over England also releasing the EP Branded. At the beginning of the new millennium, Jimmy opened his own studio Electric Playground, and started writing and recording in earnest. Which brings us full circle, back to the music that Jimmy started out playing, blues, rock, etc. It's this music, that Jimmy will be writing, recording, uploading and selling in the forseeable future. This is the story so far, and the journey continues.

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