The Drags

The Drags were originally called "The Long-haired Drags" because even the Rolling Stones hair was short compared to The Drags. Their biggest gig was opening up for The Who in the Stadium in Dublin.

Larry Lynch now rents out Music equipment, based in Dublin his company is called "Soundhire". Jimmy Mahon went on to play in Strange Brew, Portrait and Elmer Fudd and also did tour manager for Planxty. Jody Pollard went on to Strange Brew, Elmer Fudd, Bananas, Skid Row, Colm Wilkinson, Shay Healy, Joe Dolan and Brush Sheils Band. Then to London where he formed Shanty Dam. He now resides in Palm Beach, Florida pursuing a solo career.

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Town/Village/County: Dublin

Vocals: Larry Lynch
Lead Guitar:
Jody Pollard

2nd Guitar:

Brendan Daly
Drums: Jimmy Mahon



Discography ~ maybe!

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