Chicken Fisher

By Martin Fischer 2006: During the late '70s and early '80s there was the 3-piece "Chicken Fisher Band" that toured all through Ireland.

Martin 'Chicken' Fisher, took Organ Pedals and added electronics that produced the Bass sound functioned by a Minimoog. He then built a light switch to the Bass Drum Pedal that triggered the impulse to the Minimoog, the Minimoog which one could then determine attack and release of the bass sound. The bass pedals would play the note and the bass drum the syncopation which produced a unique drive within the band, a system and idea that had never been done before at that time. Nowadays one has the easy method of solving such with Midi. Dave Prim, was well known at the time from the Dave Prim Band.

John Forbes was the only black drummer around in 1978! The band later became a 4-piece with Eoin O'Neill (Moving Hearts) on bass.

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Foreground: John Forbes. Standing: Martin Fisher, Dave Prim


Lead Guitar:
Dave Prim
2nd Guitar:
Drums: John Forbes
Martin Fischer

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