What In The World's Come Over You? (Donaldson)
Recorded by The Chessmen
Pye 7N15976 / There's Nothing To It

What in the world's come over you?
Seems we never get along,
Every night I reminisce
Dreaming of your gentle kiss.

What in the world's come over you
Could you ever change your mind?
If you do I'll still be here dear,
Waiting, longing for you.

Oh all my life I've loved you so baby,
You know I never dreamed I'd miss you so,
But now I'm so all alone and blue each night
My heart, my life is just not right,

What in the world's come over you?
You're still my angel from above,
Guess you'll always be my one and only,
My one and only true love.

Ah you know baby,
No matter what you do,
No matter what you say,
Always gonna be . . . . .
(ad lib)

(Originally recorded by The Chessmen)

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