The Entertainer
Recorded by The Swarbriggs

You sing youíre way from coast to coast
Sometimes you freeze sometimes you roast
ĎNeath canvas skies and coloured lights
You watch the loves, you watch the fights
Youíre up for sale sometimes they buy
But if they wonít you donít ask why
Sometimes you laugh sometimes you cry

ĎCause you are an entertainer,
You know that you have got just what it takes
Yes, you are an entertainer
Someday youíll get the breaks

A smiling face amongst the crowd
Can make you feel a little better;
Can make you feel itís all worthwhile
A life times work for just a smile
Your night is day your day is night
You live by artificial light
But someday soon itís gonna be all right

ĎCause you are an entertainer etc. . . .

Forget the year that you were born
If it ainít there it wonít concern,
Youíre getting younger every day.
A girl she told you yesterday
That if you comb your hair back far
Youíll look a lot like Ringo Starr
But you know who you really are

Yes you are an entertainer etc. . . .

Words and Music by Tommy and Jimmy Swarbrigg - Swarbrigg Songs - IMRO

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