Serenade Of The Bells (Twomey/Goodhart/Urbano)
Recorded by The Black Aces
1965 Emerald MD1023 / Cause I Love You

In the sleepy town of San Juanita
There's a story that a padre tells
Of a gay senor and senorita
And the serenade of the bells.

Seems they asked the padre for permission
To be married early in the spring
But their folks had made just one condition,
That the mission bells had to ring.

Everyone knew the bells were broken,
And hadn't sounded for a long, long time.
Then one night the village was astounded
For the bells began to chime!

Still the bells are broken, goes the story
But if in your heart a true love dwells
They will ring for you in all their glory,
That's the serenade of the bells. 

(Originally recorded by the Sammy Kaye Orchestra)

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