Quick Joey Small
Recorded by The Real McCoy
1968 - Target 7N17669 / Happiness Is Love

Quick Joey Small Went over the wall
With a ball and chain behind him
Quick Joey Small went over the wall,
Sent the dogs right out to find him

In a striped prison suit with no loot, to boot,
He headed for the highway,
With his chains still draggin’ he thumbed down a wagon,
Said, "When are you goin’ my way?"
And they say now,

Run, Joey!, Joey, run run,
The hounds are on your trail! (Jump up! Jump out!)
Run, Joey! Joey, run run,
They’re gonna send him back to jail!

Sheriff got a shotgun (He do),
He fill you full of lead, son (It’s true),
He also gotta blackjack (He’s mad),
He bust your head with one whack (And that’s that).


Sweet Mary Jane might have gone insane
When she heard of Joey’s jailbreak,
But she knew all the while, ‘cos she sent him a file
Baked inside a fudge cake
(And they say, now --)


(Oh,) Sheriff Jack Banes wasn’t [right on?] brains
But he knew one thing for sure,
He took some toughs and a pair a’ hand cuffs
And heads for Mary Jane’s door
(And they say, now --)


(Originally recorded by Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus)

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