Never An Everyday Thing
Recorded by Granny's Intentions
1968 - Deram DM(I)214 / Hilda The Bilda

Out with the crowd every night,
Follow the big city lights,
You think that you're living
You've no time for giving,
You just take whatever you like

But baby it's not like they say
Love doesn't come every day,
Living is one thing but
Loving is something,
You can't let the chance slip away.

Slow down, not too fast,
Hold on, make it last,
'Cause when love comes
It's never an everyday thing,
Slow down take your time,
Hold on and you'll find
That when love comes,
It's never an everyday thing.

Maybe you think love's a game
People you meet are the same
One day you choose them
The next day you lose them
And never remember their names
But baby you've got to believe
That love is a thing to achieve
Don't be in doubt love
You can't live without love,
It's something that everyone needs

Slow down.....

(Originally recorded by Granny's Intentions)

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