Indian Lake (Tony Romeo)
Recorded by The Freshmen
1969 - Pye 7N17689 / Just To See You Smile

You take a bus marked 'Lakewood Drive'
And you keep on drivin' till you're out of the city,
Where the air is fine with the sweet smelling pine
And the countryside's pretty;

And you'll see daffodils peeping over the hills
Or a honey-lovin' mama bear
You take a left at the bridge, go down to Quakerforn Ridge
And in a minute you're there...

Indian Lake is a scene you should make with your little one,
Keep it in mind if you're looking to find a place in the summer sun;
Swim in the cove have a snack in the grove or you can rent a canoe
At Indian Lake you'll be able to make the way the Indians do.

(Originally recorded by The Cowsills)

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