Holiday Girl (McIlroy)
Recorded by The Newmen
Tribune TRS104 / Loveland Harbour

Well you're all dressed up for a date girl,
That's the fourth different guy in a week girl

So you think you're having nothing but fun,
You think there's nothing to it,
Well you had my love and you threw it away,
You had my love and you blew it.

Holiday girl, always out on the street,
Holiday girl, never got time for me,
Holiday girl, spend your life in the sun
But winter has to come.

Well your boyfriends take you out in their cars
And all I've got is my two feet
But they take you to dine and you drink the best wine
But I go to a coffee-bar to eat.

Holiday girl, now you're in the big-time
Holiday girl, and you're no friend of mine,
Holiday girl, when your holiday's through
The sun won't shine on you.

Instrumental break

You're a holiday girl and you know it,
And you're always ready to show it.

Holiday girl, now youre heart has turned cold
Holiday girl, you're just digging for gold
Holiday girl, but when the tables are turned
You'll get your fingers burned.
Holiday girl....

(Originally recorded by The Newmen)

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