Ebony Eyes (John D. Loudermilk)
Recorded by Brendan O'Brien & The Dixies

On a weekend pass I wouldn’t have had time
To get home and marry that baby of mine,
So I went to the chaplain and he authorized
Me to send for my ebony eyes.

My ebony eyes is coming to me
From out of the skies on Flight 1203;
In an hour or two I will whisper “I do”
To my beautiful ebony eyes.

The plane was way overdue so I went inside to the airlines desk and I said "Sir, I wonder why 1203 is so late?" He said "Aw, they probably took off late or they may have run into some turbulent weather and had to alter their course"; I went outside to the gate and I watched the beacon light as it whipped through the dark ebony skies as if it were searching for (my ebony eyes); And then came the announcement over the loudspeaker— “Would those having relatives or friends on flight number 1203, please report to the chapel across the street at once.”

Then I felt a burning deep down inside
And I knew the heavenly ebony skies
Had taken my life’s most wonderful prize
My beautiful ebony eyes.

If I ever get to heaven I’ll bet
The first angel I’ll recognize;
She’ll smile at me and I know she will be
My beautiful ebony eyes

(Originally recorded by The Everly Brothers)

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