Vintage Instruments - Brass, Reed & Percussion
A feature of Irish '60s bands was their quality instruments. There was no shortage of Fender and Gibson guitars, Selmer saxes and Ludwig drum-kits. On these pages we share vintage photos of musicians with their instruments. Some we know, some we don't. If you can identify some of the musicians and/or their instruments, please let us know.

Robert Magee playing his beloved Selmer Mark IV...or V...or VI! (thanks to Robert)


Ivan McBride with his instruments pictured beside The Skyrockets' bandwagon (thanks to Ivan)


Aidan Scannell of The Bye-Laws with his 1969 Ludwig drum-kit which he bought in Connoisseur Musical Instruments, Fownes St., Dublin. (thanks to Aidan Scannell)

Top session-drummer Ian McGarry of The Action behind his Ajax drum-kit.


Johnny Murphy (Plattermen) with his rare Trixon drum-kit featuring a "kidney bass-drum"

Arthur O'Neill and two Airchords with a nice trio of alto, tenor and baritone saxes from 1961.





A teenage Richie Buckley with his Selmer Mark V.
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