The Waiter

by Mal Kearns

Mal Kearns (second left) pictured in his days with Derrick & The Sounds.


One little funny that comes to mind involved Gene Ghetty and myself. We were in London on one of the famous tours, and Gene and myself had gone to do some sightseeing and some shopping. When it was time for lunch we found this bustling restaurant and decided to park ourselves there. Soon after we sat down this waiter comes over more or less demanding our order but we were not quite ready plus we had some questions about the menu.

Well he was having none of that.! He didn't have time and his attitude went down hill from there. We were not impressed.! So in our good old simple " Irish Showband" way we gave this guy the gears. As you can imagine the whole situation was a bit tense. Anyway, when it came time for the tip, we thought we would stick it to this guy good. So we both slipped a penny under the plate as our tip. After a wave and a gesture to the waiter that his tip was waiting for him we made our exit.

However, we had only gone a block or so when Gene discovered that he had left some parcels behind. Oh Oh.!!! Now what? So we had to trek back to the restaurant (cap in hand ) looking for the parcels.

Guess who was saving them for us..........You guessed it. THE WAITER!

  Malachy Kerans 2004

   Irish Showbands Archive 2004


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