Thee Unkind

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All except one of the Malahide, Co. Dublin band, Thee Unkind, moved to Canada in 1969.
From left: Brian Daniels, Ken Morris, Roger Doyle, Alan Daniels and Dayo Ingoldsby.

Town/Village/County: Malahide, Dublin

Lead Guitar:
2nd Guitar:
My dad along with the other bandmates left Ireland in the late 1960s and settled in the Niagara Region of Ontario. They had a good run through the 60/70s and did quite a few shows through the '80s mainly playing British beat music. There was a HUGE scene in the '60s/'70s in St Catharine's where so many talented artists, including Neal Peart from RUSH were inspired by the impact of the Beatles and other similar Brit Beat groups. Coming from Ireland, and amazing emulating the sounds of early Stones, Them and The Animals, my Dad's group were totally embraced by this scene.  ~ Patrick Ingoldsby
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