Time Machine

From County Mayo in the west of Ireland, Time Machine were Sean Holleran (lead guitar), Gerard McLaughlin (bass) and Joe Joyce (drums). Managed by Louis Walsh way before he bored everyone to tears with Boydoze, Wastelife and the Kissy Factor. Seán Holleran's son, Johnny, has inherited his father's talent (not to mention his collection of vintage guitars) and he plays with a band called Without George (Please see Links page for their website).

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From left: Gerard McLaughlin, Joe Joyce, Seán Holleran

Town/Village/County: Kiltimagh, Mayo

Lead Guitar:
Seán Holleran
2nd Guitar:
Gerard McLoughlin
Drums: Joe Joyce
Louis Walsh
Now here's where the plot thickens. In Dublin in the early '70s, a band named Time Machine emerged. We cannot ascertain if this was the same band with line-up changes or a completely new Time Machine. Drummer Derek Teeling was in the 3-piece line-up and this band reformed a couple of years later first as a 4-piece band (Chris Hand - guitar, Tommy Smith - bass, Annie Moore - singer and Derek Teeling) and then as a 5-piece when David Jameson joined as a keyboard player, using 10 keyboards! We would be grateful if any of the original Time Machine could let us know if this was the same band - or not!
Derek Teeling's 5-piece Time Machine Mark III ~ managed by Johnny Lappin

Letter from Pat Savage

As you state the original Time Machine were a 3 piece rock/heavy group from County Mayo and managed by Louis Walsh. They decided to disband for personal reasons in 1972. I was quite friendly with Louis at that time and had band called Freeway and pushing Louis to manage us.

As he had a diary of gigs he offered me a deal - to make some changes to Freeway and take on the name of Time Machine. At first Derek Teeling (Drums) and I had a problem with this but as usual with Louis he persuaded us that as the name of Time Machine was already well established and the perfect way forward. We agreed!

The new line up was Austin Smith (vocals) ex-FireBrigade/The Clouds, Derek Teeling (drums), Kevin Jennings (bass) ex-Bernard Tormey Band and myself Pat Savage (lead guitar). Musical differences had Austin depart within months while a serious accident led to the departure of Kevin within six months. He was replaced by Sean Creighton (bass). This 3-piece line up was the most successful Time Machine - between July 1973 and September 1974 . 'As I Roved Out' - an attempt at Celtic Rock was released in mid-1973 and entered the Irish Charts. I do not remember how it fared! The petrol crisis, three-day week and recession of Autumn 1974 led to a great reduction in gigs while Derek and I decided that Time Machine had run its course and decided to disband. Derek decided on a new line up which were more of a mini-showband and had some further success with the new lie up.

I left for London which was full of brilliant musicians and no money. It was a bitter sweet pill but I the made a career decision and joined a American Commodity Company as a Junior Trader and have remained in the business for the last 34 years with great success! I am still very much a music person and go to many gigs here in the UK mainly near Brighton.

Regards, Pat Savage

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