Soul Foundation

Back in the day of the Belfast Beat (Maritime Blues) scene, Sam Mahood played with Just Five and later toured with Sam Mahood Soul Foundation. Sam was a well known character around Belfast and, like fellow musician Rory Gallagher, he always had time to stop and talk to fans. In his orange corduroy jacket, blue corduroy trousers, knee high boots and with his long curly hair people would joke that he looked like ‘King Billy’.

Sam gave the impression of being a quiet and gentle man but when he started singing he could belt it out with great energy. He disappeared off the scene for a few years and a number of rumours flew about as to where he had gone to but he eventually made a come-back and the power of his singing had in no way diminished. He will be sadly missed on the local music scene (Belfast City Blues)

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Vocals: Rusty, Sam Mahood, Karen Byrne
John Cox

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