The Reptiles

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Town/Village/County: Cork

Lead Guitar:
Bill Bullman
2nd Guitar:
Pat Keating
Pete Newman
Drums: Dave Callaghan

The Reptiles were formed as a result of the Musical Revolution created by the Beatles. Bob Dylan was my Hero then, and he still is. the song 'Just Like A Women' was for me the song of the year. However, it was the Beatles who inspired me to buy a guitar. In fact I did not buy one; I stole one! Yes, I repeat: I stole one from my brother!

Let me explain: I been the first born and was brought up by my grand mother. It was the norm in those days, especially in Ireland, so I have been told. Believe it or not I have eight brother's and four sister's. Two brother's who unfortunately are now deceased. Each Saturday and Sunday I would visit my mother's house. On one of those visits, there on the sofa in the living room was a guitar. I could not keep my eyes of it. Who owns the guitar, I asked. It belongs to Tom, my mother said - Tom is the second born brother.

When everyone was in the kitchen and having lunch I put the guitar under my arm and run all the way home to my grand mother's house. As happy as 'Larry' I had become the owner of my first guitar.

The Reptiles did not go far musically or otherwise. But I must say it was good while it lasted!

by Billy Bullman (see Links page)

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