By Maurice Leahy, Dallas, Texas, USA: The Future, from Waterford, started in the late sixties, and really got going in the very early 70ís. They played the local circuit in the southeast and were considered the premier rock band outside of the showband circuit. Fronted by lead singer Davy (Skinner) Flynn and genius lead guitarist Mac McCarthy, supported by the strong rhythm backing of Tony Higgins on rhythm guitar, John Daly on bass and all held together with the superb driving beat of drummer Noel O' Regan, the mix of talent in this band was unique and they should have gone on to greater things. The harsh economic realities of Ireland in the early '70ís combined with the lack of venues plus the closed culture of the Irish music business then, played against them. This made it very tough for a band if they were not Dublin based. Their programme was mainly strong rock/ blues with marvellous harmony background vocals. With the swing to the pub scene and the demise of the dance halls the number of rock venues disappeared. The only alternative was emigration. The band finally broke up in the mid 70ís.  I wonder what ever happened to them?

From left: Johnny Daly, Mac McCarthy, Skinner Flynn, Noel O'Regan, Tony Higgins.

Town/Village/County: Waterford

Vocals: Dave 'Skinner' Flynn
Lead Guitar:
Mac McCarthy

2nd Guitar: Tony Higgins

John Daly
Drums: Noel O'Regan

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