Nobody ever said it would be easy. Cooped up in a minibus with six or seven 'lads', changing in a toilet or a mineral-bar, dealing with amorous punters and then facing the long journey home. It's not a surprise that well over 95% of showband member were male. On these pages, IrishShowbands.Net turns the spotlight on the girls who threw in their lot with a showband and became stars in their own right.

All three members of Maxi, Dick & Twink joined the showband circuit. Twink went to Las Vegas with the Big 8


It's not widely known that Honor Heffernan spent six months with The Big 8 in Las Vegas.

Kelley (Eileen) replaced Twink as female vocalist with The Big 8


Helen Jordan also spent some time with The Big 8 in USA.

The Big 8 went through more female singers than guitar-strings! This time, it's Anne-Marie Mooney (Lola).

The mysterious Murphy with The Swallows was Margaret Murphy from Glenamaddy.

Yet another female singer with The Big 8 - Marjie Delaney from Athenry.


Sandie Jones formed The Boyfriends following her appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her other bands were The Royal Earls and The Dixies.

This girl's name is Madge Murphy. She subsequently took the stage-name Deirdre and fronted The Defenders.


Can anyone let us know the name of The Limit's vocalist?

The Ventures re-launched the band as Harvest and Mary-Lou (Mary Coleman) was their lead singer.


Can anyone name the singer with this County Armagh showband?

Gloria Smith, sister of Bogey Boys' Jimmy, sang with the Maurice Lynch Showband.


The Echoes Showband from Arklow had Helen Plummer out front.

Can anyone name the female Mountie?


Anne McGlinchey was the singer with The Palladin Showband

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